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I think when we have all the facts if all the fact show that this was all coincidence i'll be the first to acknowledge that if it shows otherwise i believe that the we will get a bipartisan maybe not unanimous by partisan but i believe there will be bipartisan assessment and that's at the end of the day it raises so much importance because we're not only looking backwards looking perspectively and i think at the end of the day the american public deserves these answers and what's so frightening to me is that why you've not had trump try to threaten our effort you clearly have had him threaten muller and anybody affiliated with that and to my mind that are not those are not the actions of somebody who says this is just a witch hunt and there's nothing to hide senator speaking of what the american public deserves in some of the big scandals modern times watergate iran contra the really big moments took place in public hearing rooms you everyone remembers the alexander butterfield junior aid white house aide who shocked the world by revealing the existence of a secret recording system which led to the smoking gun in the downfall before the tv cameras and irancontra ollie north reveal the fact that money from the ron operation was diverted to the to the contras that all happened publicly the american people could see it you've not done that they've not been many public hearings at all and that seems to have been a conscious choice but why shouldn't the american people see don trump junior or jared kushner who attended the the infamous june twenty sixteen meeting with the in trump tower with russian operatives don't doesn't the american people have a right to to see those people come forward and testify when will testify would still well some of those individuals have been in and closed door testimony i still would love to get to the point where we can get that kind of this this is a working relationship.

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