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Screens terms apply it's a story of perseverance even Pablo himself can appreciate. AP's Ben Thomas reports key west annual Ernest Hemingway look alike winner, is the contest, regular he'd entered, the contest eight previous times I think everybody really has to pay their news. Did but the ninth was magic for Michael groover of Savannah Georgia the sixty two, year old harbor pilot sites to keys to victory And I had my whole family and friends and. A heck of a team screaming format that included his, wife. Celebrity chef Paula Deen who noted not only does Gruber resemble Hemingway It didn't sell really well certainly, the title, delicious life, with Paula Deen Ernest book I'm Ben Thomas Rwandan. President Paul Kagami is praising China's treatment of Africa as an equal calling it more precious than money Tagami made the remarks Monday after signing bilateral agreements. With the visiting Chinese, president Xi Jinping who is now the first Chinese president to visit to, wonder you arrived in Rwanda late Sunday from Senegal. And will. Also be visiting Mauritius and South Africa where he will attend a summit of the bricks emerging economies China is Africa's largest. Trading partner and also, seeks Clemson military ties off the opening its first military base on the continent last year in Djibouti Uber has suspended a driver who recorded, hundreds of riders in Saint Louis without. Their permission and then streams video online thirty. Two year old Jason gargantuan lives in for lauriston Missouri he's given about seven hundred. Rides since March almost all of them, have been streamed to his channel on the live video. Website twitch where he goes. By the username just Murph Garg axe that he's just. Trying to cap After the natural interactions with. Passengers but some writers they had violated the. Privacy wants a story about it was published in the Saint Louis post dispatch Uber. Said it was the spending his use, of the app because of what it called troubling behavior Hi I'm Ralph Rousseau, AP college football, writer and host. Of the AP top twenty five college football podcast available on apple podcasts. And podcast. One while there be sure to subscribe Rayton.

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