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Mendoza Sam Shane Sacramento voices you can trust the KFBK morning news continues on news ninety three point one K. of being gay when we last left your was very anxious to talk to Brian nobles civil Pristina tells us okay on a seventy percent of people expected they're going to spend money on Valentine's day right well that in my life if I just felt as if like every day yeah how do you define spend money mobile but I just thought I'd share then okay port is brought to you by E. I. five I'll probably have to gas up that day this report is ready by east one eighty from Roseville nine minutes get you to the cap cities what another ten on the cap city freeway near downtown it's put off forty minutes in from elk Grove on I five almost back to the limit their seventeen minutes on ninety nine fifty west bound from fulsome still thirty minute drive it really slows down with you to branch off that's the that disabled big regular further up the road in the number three lane four highway ninety nine if you coming in from woodland on I five it's twenty three minutes in just sixteen if you coming in from Davis he's got eighty across the causeway westbound size where we have the issues very slow from my still coming off all the way to a little past west capital in the middle of it on the bright band bridge got a fender Bender though everything reportedly is over on the shoulder east lawn engages compassionately with families to create meaningful celebrations of life and safeguard their heritage for generations that's why they've been the Sacramento areas most trusted funeral service provider for over a hundred years learn more these one dot com today traffic on the tens every ten minutes mornings and afternoons Brian nobles news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. today expect sunshine and breezy conditions will of a high right around seventy degrees tonight it's going to be clear and cool with a load of the mid forties tomorrow will bump back up it'll be sunny skies.

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