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Cases and no new deaths today as the state reports more than 20,500 new diagnostic tests. Beginning today. Phoenix Sky Harbor will be offering Cove in 19 testing at Terminal four. Doug Saxman, CEO of Express Check, says the group will be doing the testing. Active. Covert testing is a very important piece of the puzzle to bringing back safety and restoring confidence for the traveling public. PCR in an urgent testing is available and rapid results. Testing is expected soon. The city of Phoenix says they'll cover the testing costs through the end of the year for those who do not have health insurance. College enrollment is down nationally, mainly because of the pandemic, but not at our state's three public universities. Katya ours. Griselda is Latino joins us live with more on that. Get back, you'll in enrollment at issue you obey and any us up 4.5% this academic year mostly what we saw was a very substantial increase in online enrollment. Arizona Board of Regents chairman Larry Penley says that help you steal overall increase in enrollment. He also credits with the state universities are doing to medicate the spread of covert 19. These campuses are as safe as you can make them in the middle of a pandemic is you saw the biggest in Roman increases. Out of the three universities reporting live on Griselda City. No, Katya our news. Let's get a check on traffic now with Josh K from the Valley Chevy Dealers Traffic Center. Yeah. Becky Land Cruiser on the scene of the crash. Coming in eastbound on the 10 year Miller Road. This is causing delays starting back at Barad away, then westbound on the 10. We've still got residual stop and go traffic from today's earlier closure between the Maricopa County Line and Riggs Road and you're tapping the brakes north bound on the 17 from the 10 split until seventh Street. This report is sponsored by Jeff Anderson and Associates. If you're a survivor of child sexual abuse, a new lock and help Robert Pastor.

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