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They are doing I am writing a floor young's brother the joys floor and I would rather PJ was talking about childhood memories I would grow up and I would like to start we love of we have Liz grown a bit out of that great stuff I we dried and last I will close it would just ingenuity a handful Hey we work what we have but they have moved the we had a house full of and I mean I appreciate the love of everyone in here in this state of Minneapolis yeah I got to my brother and showed him so much love and we feel that love in your city and thankfully everybody plus around the world it's a beautiful things great we receiving enjoys floors receiving because he would love it I was with you in a prison a place to see the crowd is great unity he would bring it to you that could bring us but after she had burned me remember the vehicle it is with as young adults so cooking wise he would make me honestly him and other brother three general my brother Mr gore but also it was a liberal you make the best grilled cheese can you please call me Catholic if that's a the move fixes them your key if I did this number's town that relies on the guy do y'all just use N. B. but it does happen to be doing let us with love Big Brother I mean great guys great gentlemen great man and a child without a father figure he was Big Brother but I didn't see the list of the Victoria and we're going to base you came and the mistakes he made me and I watch you know follow him correct myself as a grown man of the team is gonna and you know learning from him how to be a man everything in the store isn't totals he was doing here but he was teaching us how to be a make it within this world already forced H. gave us a lot of great lessons and I mean one thing about a man keep it definitely says he's in Florida responsibility stand up for his family in France and he's great at that and I want you guys to know that he was kind of funny in the end just as everyone Hey.

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