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It's gold and just those front four headlights it's amazing because the chevys went from from two headlights to four between fifty seven fifty eight and i always hated that i hated how the belair looked because it just ended up looking like a checker cab i like the fifty five to fifty seven bel air when it had the single headlight wanted just to classic from memorial day american car designs how the fuck we went to that and i was actually thinking you know i have a kid here you know i really going to drive down the street going to fuck in nineteen eighty seven chevy lumina god that was a beautiful car i'm not even know what the fuck it was ford astro i'm not going to know what it was they all look the same but back then they had like it was like you know what i liked about the cars back then i might be wrong here because this is you know like i said i'm not i'm not a fucking mechanic obviously and shit but like back then the way they had things broken down was you know nowadays like i like how can i put this like like toyota will make everything from from like a previous low end car like what i drive all the way up to a high end card that'll still say toyota i know they have lexus and all that but toyota will make like like a fifty thousand sixty thousand dollars car and they'll make like an eighteen thousand twenty thousand dollar car and all it's all under the brand name toyota will back in the days far as my understanding of it was cata when cadillac buick oldsmobile plymouth chevrolet chevy's were like bottom end cars you know and then if you drove it was like the status was like what what make you a drive and i believe that's the way i kind of understand if you drove a chevy you kinda young guy you know making your way up the ladder and you go back to your high school reunion it'd be like what's he driving striving plymouth fucking shit he was driving chevy in high school the fuck how old is he.

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