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You can call the Attorney General. Daniel Cameron at five to prosecutors, six, nine, three, five, three Oh in demand. He charged the officers who murdered Brianna Taylor. Yep I got them all the. Instagram, when this is out, there's really no excuse I'm making it super easy for you. Guys You can send an email if you wanna send an email instead Attorney General at ag Dot K, Y, Dot Gov. Listen, they all know me by now. I have time I will sit and re dial. Redound care. If you guys got that thing off a look. I'm going to get through mentally, does it? Dumb question I'm asking them not scared time for white people to bare not. Quiet despair solve any wrong. That's fair. Not Dome Cray I'm white I'm fragile, but I gotta get over making this about my fragility. Is it frustrating to have to D-? Such a dumb question to. have to deal with this every day, and also on top of that have to be an activist. This is why I want to say. This is white people's problem. This is our problem to solve. The victims are now having to solve the problem of the perpetrator it's. It's painful. It's frustrating. But it's it's more painful because it's willful ignorance at this point. I don't know if you've ever. Had a situation where you were trying. Get somebody's attention for really really long time like hey, married, Manila, on its. Yes, Hey, hi! CAUSING DOCTORS HBO Yeah. My Dad Dad's approval. Don't make me laugh. My Dad. You are horrible day. Point. It just becomes. It's it's that feeling of. Okay now everybody wants to listen and that's great because it's popular so. There was a there was a time. Where lives matter was a radical which I'm not I am not affiliated with. I WanNa make that clear. My opinions are my own but there was a time where Hashtag black lives, matter or saying black lives. Matter was radical. Now it's popular. Because as as in the psychiatrist as cloud as we've seen with with black coacher. Over time, a lot of things happened with black coach first at our demonized until until someone white comes along and Columbus's that shed, and then it's popular. So there's. Black lives matter was once radical. Now not radical anymore. Everybody's saying black lives matter. It's the popular thing to do. It's popular to you know, go down to the March and have your signs in all this kind of stuff. It's very popular to do it. We have to move past now. Black lives matter in move into the real work. This is an a trend. It's not a trained. It is not a moment. It's a movement. Movement means we have to be moving forward That means every day. We have to be figuring out. What am I going to do today? To fight white supremacy. What am I going to do today? To to amplify the voices of those that know what the fuck they're talking about? What am I gonNA do today to teach myself I. You know there's so many white people that are like I'm talking to that are like what to do I. Don't know if I should post or shouldn't post them. Like what is the just re post? Someone that needs more followers reposted people that do know what they're talking about, and they wouldn't have to put it in your own words. You don't know you don't know. You should not be agonizing over this caption. People asked me to proofreader captions. Re tweet Brittany Panic Cunningham just re tweet. Other people girl breeding. I was like lovers. My, you're my mentor. I don't care. I don't Care Care Yeah. I'm following you I. Annoy her her Shit I annoy her. Every day. I love Britain's. There's actually something really cool going on a the Mike the Share, the Mike where white women are lending their instagram, shoe black women. To amplify their voices, and to be able to talk about things that are going to letting them. Take over their whole. And and and honestly it's it's. It's all all all in an effort to even the playing field know that dumb ass tweet that Terry crews. Put out about blacks permanently from he does not exist. Shut the fuck up. That, dumb as tweet. Is, is what what we're trying to be? It's about. Equality, that's what we're fighting for. We're not fighting to be a ahead or above white people. We're just fighting to the point where we can all just. Where people and we all bleed the same. Blood, David or yellow just said it's so concisely and clearly we just want a piece of the Pie we helped make. It's it's. An and it's because. I mean it was even some of this stuff with systematic racism that was ingrained in me. You know I fail I fail on the side of will black on black crime until we get together. They're gonNA. They're not going to respect. US until we start respecting one another. That's bullshit. Crime is a result of not having the same opportunities in the same education, the same after school programs and mental health resources. It's like that's not addressing the root of them. No, not addressing when your only option in life is crime. You're going to. You're going to end. Black on black crime doesn't exist just like white on white crime doesn't exist in. Asia on Asian crime doesn't exist it. The numbers that people are seeing are the stats because of proximity. We are in black neighborhoods therefore usually when it's a violent. It is get another black person. If you are in a white neighborhood, predominantly white neighborhood, usually, there's violence is going to be against another white person, so that is not an just who's close behind is literally whose closed by like in that is in..

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