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The RFK Tapes


Was full the tv was blaring in los angeles senator robert f kennedy was shot the senator is now undergoing brain surgery when i looked at everybody they were all looking at the tv so glass still tv this is the man who was apprehended at the scene immediately after senator kennedy was shot we'll bloom beholds looks like my he has refused to give any information about himself even his identity said no way let's see this fellow again got that picture over there now is somebody must know him yep it's it's syrian raced home to pick up his brother adel and they drove to the police station prison that they're showing on tv remember other shot senator that's that's how we verified the fact that was certain now being held by los angeles police in connection with the kennedy shooting is twenty four year old serhan bishop serum mother and i want to see the cells no so we asked hand what what happened what what's this all about trying to i don't remember remember and then i asked him and then you know he looked he you know it's like you're asking me again like why are you asking and just answered it and i don't remember he had no recollection no not murder no no murder murder visit click right here's the incident or the you know what happened that night is i don't believe so hands capable of murder murder didn't click right from near but the cops were about to find something in sir hans room that made it clear to them that murder had been on his mind police searched the premises this morning found the notebook in the suspect room mentioning the quote necessity to assassinate senator candidate in which it arated and reiterated r f k much die r f kennedy must be assassinated assassinated assassinated sirhan had written at the top of one page my determination to eliminate rfk is becoming more the more of an unshakable obsession despite is claims of not remembering the crime here in his own handwriting was evidence that he'd been planning to murder robert kennedy.

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