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Group does a great job covering the Colorado Rockies for the athletic. And Nick. We know that earlier today you were on the zoom call with Nolan. Erin Otto and, uh, I mean, what was your What was your take about how he feels about being back in in Colorado for the first time since this trade You know he didn't. He didn't exactly use the words. But my impression was that he was a little emotional. Um, I thought maybe his voice cracking a little bit here and there. I think there's a lot of feeling Coming back. Um, I you know, he his words were that he gave a lot He gave a lot to this team. And by the time I mean the Rockies and lots of the city, and, uh, you know, it's hard to disagree with that, like he really did. He was their best player for a long time. He's on a Hall of Fame path. Um and then and then on top of it, You know, his exit out wasn't normal. It wasn't just a normal kind of routine trade. You know it left it left like a lot of questions. I think for You know, not not just Not just for fans but also like for his old teammates for him. I think a lot of people are just kind of wondering what it's going to be like, Um You know that now that he's back and I think he's wondering. I think he doesn't exactly know how to feel about it. Well, one thing that we do know is that he's a very talented player. But when you look at the production of McMann Uh, it doesn't feel like we've had a drop off in at least the offensive portion of it. But next let me ask you have we seen a drop off defensively? No, actually defensively, they've done really well between Ryan McMahon and No. One cousin Joshua Fuentes. Uh, They're they're among the better defenders in in the National League at any position. Really, Um, the Rockies have a good defense. It's kind of difficult. German. Sometimes that they This is one of the better defensive internal while In part because in part because they have a good center field during often Gaza, But, um, But, you know, the defensive drop off hasn't been that bad. I mean, you just but again, like you know when you watch the game. Kind of on the regular I mean, we're still talking about. We're talking about a Brooks Robinson level generational defender. You know it or not? Oh, so you're were mean, What we're not seen are the crazy place. We're not seeing, like the crazy tarp catch and the and the blood throws And just like the nuts, the nuttiness that he that he is able to do. We're not seeing that necessarily. And that's okay. Um, you know those those things are sort of extra credit. But the Iraqis are doing really well at their base. Kind of a third base by committee and just, you know, just in routine. Uh, defense. Um The offense, though. If I may say the office has been it a huge drop off. Um, no. If you if you transferred Nolan Arnada statistics this Rockies team he would be I mean, his production is and he's not even at his normal production. It's like three times. Like three times the amount basically. Um as in as in Iraqis hit or even Trevor story, So I mean, it's really the offensive draft has been Not not helpful. Basically this year, Nick, you know we had a chance to catch up with but black on Monday. When the Rockies were kicking off that series against the Pittsburgh Pirates, and he talked a little bit about how the fact that they they didn't They didn't think it would be as bad as it is. But they did think that the offensive production was going to be, um, not as good as it has been in years past. Do you point to that as his reason? Number one. Why this? This Rockies team is sitting where it is sitting in the N L West. And why can't this team Play on the road when they play as well as they do at home. Yeah. I mean, it's a really good question. It's not. I mean the home road swing for this team. It's just something that they have. I mean. It's never going to change. It's something they have to live with. Um, every Rockies team every year has dealt with it. Um, this team is just Especially ill suited to to figuring it out there just because I mean like bottom line, and then we can talk about How could they are against fastball? How they chased making balls outside his own too much we can we can break it down. But I mean, the bottom line is they're just not very good offensively. I mean, they're just not. There's not enough talent on this roster offensively. And you know, it's not just the Nolan drop off. It really took it. Really, You know, really like started after 2019, but You know, they you know they went from You know, they went from DJ Mayhew's Daniel Murphy, and he did not perform well and then how they went from Daniel Murphy, too. DJ Chrome. They were hoping for a big bomb in free agency. He's not okay. But it's just sort of really all around all around their lineup. It's just not. It's not a great lineup. Um, I mean, there are just There are holes all the way through their roster. Offensively, they don't have enough left handers. They don't they have Nobody You can Who can play, catch your position and hit the ball. Um It's just like kind of up and down, and when you piece it all together like that's when we see That's when we see them crazy swings When you go from home to road, you know, the key to hitting for Iraqis team is you just You just have to be more disciplined than any other team. When you're hitting on the road, you have to be able to hit the fastball. And you have to make the adjustment to recognizing what a breaking ball looks like. When you leave high elevation, and they're just because they're just sort of like Not capable of those things on a basic level very well then, and it just compounds itself when they go on the road, So I mean, there's just I mean, we're really talking about a rebuilding team..

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