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The outer loop, Maryland side from after old Georgetown road to at least the cabin John Parkway, and we believe that's the sun glare related. Looking better on the interloper Virginia slides flowing from the from after the GW Parkway to the legion. So that's looking a lot better since our last report. Merrill and I two 70 with volume slot, a slowdowns delays, in fact, a heavy at times headed south of Gaithersburg through the workshop to set up along the right side between route one 24 and I three 70. I 70 is with volume. A slow spot traveling east after route 40 toured Frederick, I 95, no problems there at BW Parkway, usual volume slowdowns, north battle approaching the beltway and weekend volume slowdown southbound through jesup at fort Meade between one 75 and 32. Route 50, good both ways between northeast D.C. and an app was tuned across the bay bridge, the volume is gone, headed east towards the tolls, but we still have some slowing in the westbound lanes from across the narrows and Kent island clearing up about mid span in the westbound direction. Three lanes west, two lanes east across the bay, down fort Washington, the broken down vehicle that was along the westbound ramp from saint Barnabas road to the outer loop. That was cleared from the right side, ordered Virginia three 95 north before the GW Parkway, and the police action, that was clear from the right lane, I 95, just a few volume slow spots south through parts of Loren and woodbridge and volume in the northbound lanes through spots Bania Fredericksburg and falmouth that's it. Through the district, the barbecue battle going on downtown, looked for closures affecting Pennsylvania avenue and constitution avenue, northwest between third and 7th streets. Rick McClure, WTO traffic, and now storm team four meteorologist Samara Theodore. I'm tracking the threat for a few isolated thunderstorms overnight, tomorrow high temperatures will be in the mid 80s

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