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Jordan plays out the bumper music as we get prepared to talk about number three of the four ten which Bill said is the almost revelations in the latest piece by Tyler Bleacher report. Boy, man, what happened to our remember that that was the go-to team. Right. The packers. Everything would be fine. They're going to play offs. Now. They're like the stumbling knucklehead that's not true. They got a new coach excitement signing. I had a lot of as you know, a lot of respect for the Packers already it. But nobody comes out of this thing looking good. Let's let's play a little bit Tyler done joined the morning show. Wisconsin's morning news, gene, Miller and Jane this morning a little bit of that that interview. And then we'll go from there. I get the first part of that about ten minutes after Mike McCarthy said that everybody has every right to defend themselves. I mean, he he should I wouldn't expect him therapy. Anything out of my parents after that, I got from one of the players who told me about that all kind of guys out, and and you just kind of scratching the head. Instead, I'm not so sure why he's denying that. It was pretty widely. It's bizarre. Basically, you know, I think there are probably a lot of players who didn't know about that part of it. And look that was just you know, one very. Small part of a very larger problem. And I think that they're going to know about it didn't know about it thinking about the problem, the problem, even at a player Tommy well, Kurt about it. But I wonder if it was a rumor kind of PECH waited by Iraj IRS, maybe it really does to function, and it all started very early. It only got worse overtime. And now this all goes back Tyler to when Mike McCarthy passed him over it. Does it does? You know? I think that four and a half, whatever it was our weight in the green room, you know, that that's part of the story. Right. And that's what makes him great. That's what makes him that show that chip. It's that grudge. It's unlike anything sport, you know, a lot of the great habit, but he takes it to different level. I mean, there's been counting the story. Narrowed a lot of myself out there and help the head of this guy is and it does fit into that. Ryan grant talked about that. That on the record players talked about it on and off the record on how couldn't get off on a cookbook with Mike McCarthy there started with a, you know, a lack of respect to some degree because he knew Mike McCurry said al-qaeda better quarterback. Now, I think that they were they tried to work they worked out but every row under winning. He's talking to people close to them things this coach out of nobody's doing in. The Roger goes down in two different seasons. Interim kind of the flawed without Bose. It was one thing after another point eighteen where they had to end, and it really should ended. But said Thompson and step in. Nobody else stepped in. That was a Bleacher reports Tyler done of join gene Jane in the morning here in Wisconsin morning news. I don't even know what to make of this. We're talking about massages. We're talking about a player saying that their coach is is a low guy. Yeah. I mean, I have ball. Obviously it's his off the field, but men or men I said it before no fate again, though across the Aaron Rodgers is always a great Aaron Rodgers. So you always want that edge chip on the shoulder with him because he always seems to play better that way in this case. So I have to make yes, there are reasons to be frustrated in be said that your favorite team may not may not have been old roses inside the locker room there. But not that every team, right? No team is perfect that hey, that's one thing. The second thing. I would say is this just win. I you know, what if the quarterback wants to be a diva in wine in bicker with the coach behind. Closed-doors? Go ahead just win. Who cares? Honestly, who cares that they had this rip? Now it's frustrating because according to Tyler done many who who feel they could have won a couple of Super Bowls more than done a lot of us. And maybe this is the root cause of that issue, which is just unfortunate. But as far as being crusty, I'm never going to defend it. But just if if you're going to be that good. I don't care if you're crusty interesting thing that comes out of the success that the bucks and the brewers have onus on the Packers. Now, you gotta step it up with the new coach you gotta pick your game. And I love the fact then that chip on the shoulder thing is huge for Aaron Rogers. He's a guy that likes to be a little bit on the edge. Somebody say you can't do this. Then he tries to do it done in for some of the off season workouts coming to Green Bay. I wonder if they'll let him in I made this my my show today, and the people that actually give him more choices. So I said bleach. Reports Tyler done wrote a story critical the relationship between Packers coach experts coach Mike McCarthy, Aaron Rogers. So I asked who do you believe Mike McCarthy Aaron Rodgers I got thirty two comments saying, I don't believe either one of them. I believe in both. It's kind of an interesting dynamic. But that's why we give you the chance to come. You can find it at Facebook at Facebook dot com site, six twenty WTMJ or Twitter at six twenty WTMJ. Hundreds of people have already voted on. We do that every day on the shore show poll today, who do you believe Mike McCarthy era Rogers, you know, what I believe both of them? I think they had some issues. I think that that's not surprising to your point though, if they win we're not talking about anything floors. We're talking about a much different story line from from Green Bay. You just you need to hope that meant leflore doesn't get caught up into the this where he's asked about times that he has to deal with this. I'm hoping that he and Rodgers can just go and go play the word on the street is that the Packers brass was very impressed with the the new coach Mettler leflore so much. So that they can shut down. Some other interviews. That's the hot thing in the NFL, the young young head coaches, hopefully, he has some of the same success and some of the other ones have had, but this is not going away. This this dynamic that's happening. Green bay. We have a new coach we still the same quarterback. We'll see what happens with that story. And number four the four ten is going to be about television. I saw this great report study variety and the mobile phone provider, and they looked at states that watched a lot of TV, and I'm gonna have Jordan jump on the Mike here for a little bit. So let me just give you some of the information. And I love TV right in the wintertime in the summer. I'm out have a big garden. I'm outside almost all the time doing landscaping or whatever. Whatever work most of us do in the summer, but are going to festivals or.

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