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He's got he's got two hundred pounds on just just lay down on the field in near fine. He was like he was like sitting on the bench by the time. The guy scored ran that back. It was he was like eating had heard. Right. And I I don't know I made the PAT's more excited couple years ago. They moved them back. I know hate them more than ever like just get rid of them, which is due to point cross the board. It feels like half the time. These guys are missing the peer. I know. That's not the actual stat. But right, I want to do. And that's one of the things I want to ask God when I go to heaven, and you'd better believe I'm going to happen. But when I go I wanna ask, hey with these missed extra points as far as my gambling goes I'm on the wrong side way more than the right at the wrong side ninety percent of the time. I just need that answer. Then wherever you want to send me, that's fine. Who who is the guy? I I watched so much. The last today's it all blended together who is the guy who missed two extra points, the jets guy. Yeah. It was the jets, and it would just singing the praises nyah. Check the stats to. I was like, wow. In our fantasy league. Like, nobody has guy. He's the number one kicker in the league. He's agent much better than last year. And then yeah, then he missed extra point I pick against the Texans every week. Sometimes I game against him in every week. They beat me. And I'm even more convinced next week is going to be the week when I'm going to beat them. If you watch that jets game closely the Texans somehow covered they were favored by Lakewood six they cover they cover. They won by seven. And I went to six I've no idea how they won by seven. I watched the whole game. It's honestly see what the jets were controlling the game. And the Texas made a couple of big plays. But they couldn't run the ball Hopkins had to make these superhuman plays just to keep them around. Man. That was frustrating. And it kept taking are wondering if darnold throws picked this seems like a nice spot middle fourth quarter where he doesn't he didn't actually did. Well, one of his better games played. He he he's not there yet because he doesn't have weapons, and it's really hard to tell how good he is. But I was impressed. He's got a little spirit to him. He definitely has a little charisma. I'm I'm I'm that wavering on my Barkley over darnold thing. But I'd say at least I'm a little worried about I've been wrong about everything else met his giants thing. Very strange talk about a team that didn't go that day played like a team playing for the number one draft pick right there. Like, they must have someone like must've smack and say, what are we doing? Here. We want to end up in top five or point allies been allies been pretty consistently abominable. But then he'll have the little stretches when he's not abominable, and then people, well, he li-, you know, it's and then he'll have entire games when his abominable while not they be I fight with a lot of people about this. I think he looked at here for sure offense. He's that. But that this is a good indication of what happens when he can't get out when he gets bottled up at thirty one brushing, I think like twenty twenty five receiving and they score zero points not even like don't compete with little bit. But nothing not even close. There were some. Really bad offense. In fact, there early games today were and I don't even think we had one close one, right? Everything was pretty much wrapped up. Packers bears was threatening to be maybe close, but it ended up not being close. But now, I get we get seven screens away. We arrange it and. Yeah. Build lions wasn't on one of them. Yeah. And the Redskins game wasn't. I want him. I think those are the two best or which closest games yet. The bills the bills one but didn't cover. Josh Allen is just flat out exciting. It's it's like having. We always wonder what would happen if a running black played quarterback. Now, we get to find out every week with him. I enjoy watching the game bed..

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