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I saw I went and saw a few movies on stage when I was recording Alfred, I remember seeing the king and I and movie the gunfighter that he did on this stage on the sound stage and. Were they were recording trying to think of other stuff because I saw this on yellow sky was western. I saw a bit of it. You know when I was five, six years old and I see him at his house working and he was always, I was, he won't fast me. Do you like this melody and I was like ten years old. I should know. Then he asked me maybe I was a little older, but he said, do you think people like counter melodies. I said, yeah, they can take that. Brother was seven. So you got the same question. Well, I mean, it certainly gives you an eye toward the, you know, the kind of preternatural certitude of the artistic disposition. Yeah, checking in with. Whoever's there. But I know I've done the same. I may have been overly impressed with how hard it was because you know attend to agonize about things and think I'll be found out at any time. Can't do this work and what am I doing here? But I find the more I read the more people I've talked to a lot of people feel that way as if they're no good at what they do, win the proven over and over at least in their cases that that they are very good. You're also I mean you're part of this, your favorite interview yet? Yes. So you've done one. Fifth of it is the best one. Fifth, opening one. Fifth, literally, Randy you should know like when I've been doing this now for I'm thirty seven. So seventeen or eighteen years twenty four years. Yeah. And I, you know, I tell people, you know that thing when people say like, oh, who have you interviewed that you like, say Randy Newman. It's a disappointment so far, but it's still, I mean, if you're expecting five stars, you're still getting four. That's not bad. So it's still a solid. He's older party, personable, but not real sharp. You're, but you're part of the, you're part of the rock and roll generation like were you were old enough to be paying attention and young enough to be excited to be loaded in Long Beach at three in the morning. What's the first rock music that you remember hearing? I remember hearing. Chabukiani. I think we add a housekeeper who brought. Little scraps of of humanity into the house what was going on. So she would. She sung a choir and she danced a new dance and all, and she brought in. I remember we're should boom in now g g maybe g. o. l. of the girl Leveque oh, I think that's the first I heard fifty four. Maybe. Why did you? What do you remember thinking about a liked? It. Were your parents serious. No. My father joked around quite a bit all the time really, but they're serious about about some things. I don't how social they were. I mean, he he could have been, but I don't know. He saw a lot of people as patients that he didn't wanna see anybody when he was home. And your your mom was ill for part of your childhood, right? Yeah, she was. Very nice. My mom. I mean, I. Don't talk about much, but I think every time I did ask her for advice of some kind, gee, mom on gating girl, and she, you know. Stuff, the stuff of life to some extent, and she was very good on it. She got squashed by my father. He was big personality and. She, she. Getting that much room. Did was there for you. No, not much to my brother and I in a way my brother would put say no categorically. But he was sort of for us, you know, a believe he was rooting for us to some extent, little competitive with me about things sports and. And and music, too because he wrote songs. I was just thinking of. You know, I don't know if you're a sports fan or baseball fan. I am. Okay. Well, you probably remember the first baseman Rafael Palmeiro just heard about this. Yeah. So he's in his. He's in his early fifties, and he's playing he's playing and independently, but a pretty good independent professional baseball league with his son on the same team, and he's hitting better than his son. Yeah..

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