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Technically violate the law and he had no intent of violating the law qomi said well hillary had no intent to violate that's not the standard that's not a that's not the legal standard for the mishandling of classified information and hillary clinton had classified documents all over the place on her private email server on her unsecured laptop on her unsecured phones she distributed this stuff in many cases after stripping the classifications off of the documents to her friends like hulme weiner jar of peanut butter and and hama weiner somehow they magically gravitated over to anthony weiner he's still in the penitentiary anthony weiner laptop all these classified documents while he's online flirting with teenage girls across the country while torturing his underwear and and this is an somehow none of this led to charges well that's bs that's not equal justice under the law and that's what the sailors saucier is say how is it that hillary clinton all these hillary people they mishandled classified day distributed classified they stripped the classifications they knew what they were doing they did it repeatedly i have this one instance in my phone with a couple of pictures that didn't go anywhere outside of my phone and i go to jail and hillary and all these here flying monkeys get away with it a'munity they got big high paying jobs they got jobs on tv they got they got all this stuff and and saucier goes to jail fighting for the average american citizen we shouldn't be subjected to a separate set of laws than hillary clinton are james komi who admitted to leaking classified information to the press to try to benefit himself for the same thing with andrew mccabe these people aren't above the law but apparently they are when i was in the military i fought enemies foreign and now i fight enemies domestic and that's really what i believe you know komi is he's a he's a domestic enemy so we know that there are two systems of justice justice in american because of james comey we know this comey came out with his idiotic press conference and the press has just played both sides of of this game with james comey and they're gonna do it again today watch the media stumble around trying to blame komi for hillary's loss while still protecting kobe's integrity because he's anti trump this should be fun lot more on that coming up.

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