David Daniel, Bill Clinton, President Trump discussed on The World of Phil Hendrie - Episode #1003: The New Phil Hendrie Show


And they're the trump family allow curve anchor i don't know what the hell malanje volker dumb david daniel no not daniel donald and eric is that bill clinton doing the moderating are you a check has or something will boost that look to the table batch cooper anderson and there of course the young men and young women who have been thrown into there's plenty of to'real arena former president looks quite put out i would say looks like he's going to look back and the ball before he pulls the train the night shoot well we'll have to see is there's a best or stroke on the part of daniel donald trump or is it would backfire on him been healed or clinton owner what are you nervous about nervous hillary clinton and hillary clinton and donald trump i can see there on the relex look there on eric trump's fish but he probably thinks his old man's got this from a bag we'll see i think it a tori lee we should turn to this time that i general given shaw favour donald trump at a are secons i'd be probably be more in the imo in the hillary clinton care yes what are they waiting for other probably waiting for the two candidates to get their act together shadow what are they doing i don't or call them their hair brush their teeth something maybe somebody passed out like you don't be maybe somebody like you'll the clinton passed out the names hillary 'cause i'm gonna start to hillary clinton you think she passed out.

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