Charlotte, President Trump, NFL discussed on Nothing Impossible


The prestige showed encouraging start for the jets against the dolphins is new york looking for its first win after backtoback losses to open the season let's go to kevin casey where there's been a scoring change in charlotte kevin okay rich the saint of joe scored a touchdown all their first drive with all the way down the field too drew brees the safes fives five of seven for fifty yards passing at a fiveyard touchdown pass to michael thomas adrian peterson up marking from getting it done on the ground for up seven carries in seventeen yards carolina took their opening possession it much like uh last week it even get san francisco for the most part sibling for the ogle's not getting it in the end zone in fact i mean come up intertwined issues cabinet sacked on a key third down in the red zone matt coup will got beat on by his the defender at sacked pam and they settle for graham could opio go one no injury no right now rich on the last play be hit kelvin benjamin on a on a crossing or slant route if you will hold down got a rough from behind nothing illegal about it just got caught behind him he limped off with a significant assistance to sideline he's getting some attention it didn't look good but up keep you updated on that sign order about the start seven three the safely panthers nine are quick name so far in charlotte where the panthers trail the saint seven to three calvin benjamin already playing with a sore need today so may have just been aggravated a little further but getting treatment i'm sure on the sideline right now so we cnn week three often run with nine early games in right now here to update us all on all of it and much much more the latest sports update with south kenner sports flag well act a swift reaction by nfl players and teams responding to president trump's comments about how owners should fire players that taken me.

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