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Setup where he'll show people how to dance and how to do the drama and he was working with them on Mary poppins and when it came out. That people said wait a minute. This guy is a known homosexual. What did Jerry Falwell do? He went well. We didn't hire him. I it was. It was a contractor. Who's just a country and Jerry? Falwell actually told me this is no different than hiring the guys that that screw in the light bulbs we don't check all their backgrounds. I said yes. But here's the difference. The Guy screwing the light bulbs is not putting his hands on students saying no stand over here not directing students not in a position a leadership. He's a janitor who screws lightbulb. No one's looking at him as a leader. No one's going to be meeting with that person alone. Possibly there's a big difference. There did Liberty Demand Jerry Hall resign. Oh no social justice. Warriors all got behind him. So what do you see you see? Social Justice Worzel defend you know someone who's hiring homosexuals. You have you see that they're not gonNA call out Matt Chandler. And so what do you see here when you have someone who is a complimentary in who is strong stands up against Social Justice? Who strong on standing for the Bible. What what is it? We see what we see a guy who's a social justice worrier probably and he's going to write a bunch of blog articles and everyone's taking those blog articles and they're signing petitions because this guy's put a petition out. And what does he do? He links to all these different blog articles. He's written and then other people are looking at these blotter articles and they're looking just at the information he says and he says Oh. We have emails if a guy says he has emails but doesn't give you the emails. Don't believe him if a if here and then we have this expense pops in and goes. That's quite a library of books by Andrew. Thanks Mark I. My books are practicing social distancing until I can move to Pennsylvania which this quarantine is not helping and our governor saying no. We're not going to release things until June seventh so so I'm actually going to be. I'm in a weird position Anthony. I'm going to be in a position where my church in Pennsylvania is going to open. We think mid-may right we a couple of weeks. We may open but my governor is going to say that it's not essential so technically would I be breaking the law driving to church in another state where my church is open so that I could preach? I guess. I'll take my chances because I'm not you know once we open church. I'll be at that pope. We're not going to do a zoom meeting or something like that into the church. Everyone else I won't do like Matt. Chandler does every week zooming him into a satellite churches. You what you know our church. We finally open this past Sunday to limited limited crowd and then we went full blown last night for Wednesday. Bible study and full-blown this coming Sunday for grand reopening or whatever you call it from Corona virus and that outside and the seven weeks that that we were on zoom meetings. It's just not the same. It's no use to what What true he's out. Yeah we've gotten together some of the folks from a church leaders from the church less than ten you know but You know we we've been able to at least meeting Drew says look look at liberty and Ergen kanter issue when they covered that up He says he's an alumni from from liberty. Please don't hold it against me. No we don't hold it against drew. But but you see the dilemma there. Why why do they let certain people off the hook? Y You can look at this pattern. Whether it's in here in politics we're talking about Biden versus you know versus Brookhaven off Brookhaven off. Who actually was innocent. And they knew it but they wanted to go after many anyway because social workers. He's not on the right side so here. Here's the thing my position until proven otherwise. I believe that Thomas White is in the right sorry I runned and didn't plan it but her and maybe that should be our our cry until proven otherwise wight is in the right okay. I'll better than Sanga you get. That is true. Social Justice Warriors are really going to get upset so so that's true it didn't James White get accused of because of his last name. But but so. What are you end up seeing with this? Would you end up seeing is that we need to stand up for? Truth and not let a bunch of bloggers who are social justice worse probably to destroy his character before the investigation even begins. Okay this is. The thing that we have to do is we. We need to make sure that we're standing up for truth all right and I I know we have a couple of guys there. Was Someone Matthew who is in much earlier. It's GonNa try to bring him in. He dropped. I don't know what he would What is questions were But I do have some others if you guys who are in the backstage if you have questions just put it into the private chat so that I know what what you guys want to talk about. But Vincent isn't backstage in one of the things he brought up earlier was he made a comment. We're talking about the pastors. The way were hiring pastors and the way these passes behave comment that these are earlings and not shepherds in other words. They're they're hired hired for the job and they're not really doing in so They're not true shepherds in in that sense but but I Guess Melissa likes it. She says white is right. That doesn't sound right either. Social Justice Warriors are going to like that one either. We'd better do our camping really quick. I'm not white. African AMERICANS AREN'T BLACK OR BROWN. Yes sure we federate one blood one race yeah. Mark Fence is more expensive things. Someone Mute Andrew. I would agree. We get Mr Spence. 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You have more people because they limited but I'll tell you the school of Biblical evangelism and I think mark wrote most that book. If not all you get a book. That's like Yo thick and they have it is more than just evangelism..

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