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The course of the season while we really got our sea legs and became A machine that was a fantastic ball club that jack. Thanks for the call appreciate it. That was one of the teams that i gave me an appreciation for the college world series. Even after the fact we watch college world series reruns in once. Roger clemens was already in the big leagues. Who pitching for the red sox nineteen eighty-six and that great team they had. Oh that dude played in the college world series in the more i learned about it. Oh barry bonds played in the college world series. I don't remember mike schmidt reruns highlights but when he was at ohio he played in the college world series. And we're going to see more and more of this. The way major league baseball has now absolutely doug. Its teeth into what college baseball does from a production standpoint and using it as a farm system to get jack lighter and kamar rocker as top. Ten picks eighty percent of the first round. Picks in this year's draft came from college baseball instead of trying to project where a high school kid might end up. And what he's going to be they know what these guys are. They have a very good feel for what they are based on what they did in the sec. Or what they did in the pac. Twelve a big twelve and so. That's why you saw those results. We've got more to come. We wanna take your calls and we'll revisit some of the show that we've already had today. Eight five five two four two seven two eight five appreciate. Jekyll and there will not be is cool draft. That is not gonna happen. Back with the paul finebaum show as we continue after this.

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