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They're no separate power centers, including in the national guard. He clearly, I mean, it's almost certain that he ordered this, whether it went wrong or not. We still don't know agree with Mike. But what we do know is the evidence so far that they've produced the pictures of the. Planes arriving, the painting of the consulate, the fifteen that come in the the Saudis have provided no sculpture. Tori evidence to suggest these people were terse as they're claiming. That's just silly. I mean, seriously Anderson. You don't get better evidence than this and for the president to say, it's a rogue operation. I, frankly, he's covering up murder and so's Pompeii when we should worry about that. Because if this goes without any, you know punishment of Saudi Arabia, we're going to see other dictators doing the same thing, whether it's Russia or any other country. Mike, do you think this is covering up murder? I think that other countries are doing things like this. We know what the the Russians did in in in in Britain. And the most important thing for us is to think about what our strategic interests are and where we want this thing to come out in in the end. And I would hate if we rushed in a fit of righteousness and. Took action against Saudi Arabia that that endangered our larger strategic interests in the region. And the number one interest is in my view containing Iran, we've got the sanctions on Iran coming coming due on November. Fourth, we need the Saudis to help us substitute their oil for Iranian oil around the globe. There are massive interests involved here and to rush on the basis of this horrible event. And I don't mean to suggest it isn't horrible and and destabilize Saudi Arabia or imperil our relations with them, I think would be a mistake. You know, actually, what about that? I'm double doubles. Bargains are made all the time in the world of, you know, real politics around the world is this one of those cases where the the larger interests of of our country and Saudi Arabia mandate turning a blind eye? No, we should not sacrifice. Jamal kashogi on the altar of you. Saudi relations. The Trump administration has already made a grave error by giving NBS a young man with very little knowledge and very little judgment and how he conducts fares, basically, a blank check to do whatever he wants, including kidnapping, the prime minister of Lebanon, including bombing Yemen, including blockading cutter, the crown prince's made a lot of mistakes. We need to hold them accountable because it's pretty clear that he was responsible for this operation. And that doesn't mean we're going to break with Saudi Arabia, but remember NBS has only been crowned prince last year. There are a lot of other Princess who could easily take place who are not implicated in this murder. And if Donald Trump does not insist that there is some accountability for this murder of an American resident in American journalists that will send a very grave message to the world at sends a message that the United States is abdicating its moral authority and beat. It actually sends a message a weakness on the part of Donald Trump because he is reinforcing the message that he bullies the week. People like stormy Daniels or Christine, Blasi Ford. But at the same time he. Simple and cowers before the strong, whether it's Kim Jong, honor Vladimir Putin or m b s? That is not a message. The president of the United States should be sending Anderson. I want to pick up this conversation. We gotta take a quick break. We'll also get reaction to the breaking news from Kuchis editor what colleagues and the Washington Post make of the latest reporting and the war. Some pretty ugly words between President Trump and stormy Daniels, which max just re reference would each is now calling the other ahead on three sixty. You know what's not smart job sites that overwhelm you with tons of the wrong.

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