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How those their four names whatever can run down sure they want to run down tackles one kickoff or punt is going to get the not now we talked to this guy responsible for the mess downtown on for watches Jim white rock why wire up my fault what what is going on there with these trucks man a drop to cracker and bent over to pick it but five butterfly effect chain reaction that cause a for that would cause me to take off our love of the law well obviously we hope there's no injuries involved here right what they're saying is a mess hall yeah yeah there's there's even a secondary accident in there as well from the U. C. L. traffic center you see health Westchester hospital nationally recognized for providing superior medical care and outstanding patient experiences yeah it's the semi that's overturned coming off the Columbia parkway ramp it's got the highway close their ad into their as secondary accident and only the right lane west bound for Washington ways getting by traffic already heavy to above Martin Luther king on south seventy one they did clear an earlier accident south seventy five near the Reagan that too was an overturned vehicle but it's left a very heavy toward union center and northbound heavy back to seventy four the crowds leaving the Reds game are not helping the situation nor seventy one very heavy from south of Dana all the way up to five for east bound to seventy five crowded between seventy five and Loveland Madeira I'm rob Williams newsradio seven hundred W. O. W. the forecast from the seven hundred WLW weather center a chance of showers.

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