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W. W. Jay's John Hewitt with the latest. The governor took specific game at the $1 trillion Senate Republican stimulus proposal, which, if adopted, she says, would reduce federal pandemic related unemployment benefits by $400 per week from $600 to $200. In addition, the governor says the Senate plan does not address the revenue shortfall being seen by states as a result of covert 19 the president and Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell, Released a plan that fails to support states and communities as we continue to respond to this crisis. The plan does not give the adequate relief to millions of hardworking Americans who've lost their jobs as a result. Of the mishandling of this crisis, The governor says Michigan is facing a $6 billion projected budget deficit over the remainder of this fiscal year and next due to the Corona virus response. John Hewitt, double double D. J News Radio 9/5 and education advocacy groups as the state should shield low income students from the brunt of a potential K 12 funding cut. Instead of making an across the board reduction, the Royal Oak based Education Trust Midwest launched a campaign to protect funding for such students as governor, Wittmer and lawmakers grapple with a $1,000,000,000 less. In the school late Fund for the next year than was previously projected. State Superintendent Dr Michael Rice, meantime, calling on changes to the traditional requirements. This school year due to the Corona virus pandemic. He spoke during the State Board of Education Legislative Committee meeting today and said online learning will make.

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