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Portray were so you did the damage but you don't wanna read the books you did the damage. Why don't you read the damage. You caused the trump administration unbelievable. How about senator. Josh holly senator josh. Holly pressed him about his practice of talking to reporters behind the president's back. This is the chairman of the joint chiefs staff. But what was the timeframe. Did you say that you were doing these interviews. I would say it took a couple of hours. Maybe but win. What's the timeframe when we're you sitting for them dates. I can get you the dates. I don't know off the top. But i'll get to the dates. Twenty twenty one. Oh yeah this calendar year. I think so. Yeah well i wondering is clearly. This is a priority for you. You did these on the record by the way. All these interviews are on the record these reporters that quote i do interviews on the record off the record and i do background into these and do all of that. With print media television media books documentaries. All kinds of things. I why would you do. Why would you do background off the record interviews background means it can't quote you background off the record off the record interviews. If the goal is transparency the transparency goes to the fact to make sure that we are explaining ourselves. make sure that these authors have correct information. Are you now again. I'm very hesitant to use the word traitor. I know all that implies. I don't throw that word around loosely. How is this guy not guilty of trees. Your undermine undermining the president united states. Because you don't like what you did in the park. The black lives matter protest. Or whatever the heck his goofy agenda is are you serious one..

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