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The sign tom i was curious that how many people would show up the theater i was in it was probably seventy five percent full so i thought for a matinee that was a good showing but i what i got out of the movie is mary jo kopechne me just kind of took one for the team you know it like it's worth it because the kennedy's are so important and they really could have called the movie inconvenient truth really the only character in the movie that really told ted kennedy how was was the lady that played jones his wife remember when she gets in the car with him he said thank you joanie for showing up or something like that and she said if you teddy yeah there was a lot of hostility that was a terrible marriage she ended up addicted all kinds of things like so many of the women why so many of the women in the family did in the borhan girl i don't think they were high hired for their typing skills they were called in the head a little scene where ted just before he killed mary joe was talking to the boiler room girls these are these group of young women that worked on the bobby kennedy presidential campaigns and bobby this is keep in mind one year and a couple of months after bobby kennedy had been assassinated shot in the head by sirhan sirhan sirhan and the young women were kind of they're part of the kennedy thing and maybe ted's gonna run and maybe they'd worked for him they called him the boiler room girls in the in the movie ted explains well we call them die boy we like to call you boiler room girls because of the fire i like to think it's because he says the fire in your belly really i think it's because they're hot and they like to have them hanging around.

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