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I don't know whether you're saying they're going really with being Dak friendly by trying to give him the best way. Opens possible a whether this is Kelly Moore's fluency, Sam look guys, we need to stretch the field. You know where we're playing the entire game within five yards of the line of scrimmage in that just isn't working. Yeah. And I just think that with, with Kellen more, you know, he says a lot a lot of times it's not about changing your entire playbook. It's about doing a lot of the same things but doing them differently. Find out what little things made made these things not work so much. And how you can make what you liked to do work going forward. And that's kind of what Kellen Moore is all about here. He's about adding little wrinkles here and there to make to freshen up the offense to not make it the same whereas I think that, you know, Scotland hands go by the book and his scheme. I think Cal and Moore's a little bit more flexible he likes to he likes to be a little bit more flexible with this game change things in and out find things from other schemes that he likes that he thinks fit his players and. I think that's what's going to be what gets Kellen Moore makes him successful or not Scotland a hand obviously did not pay much attention to the players themselves how he can fit the off the players. And I think that that's what killing more brings. It's different is Kellen Moore looks at the players and says, how to I'm not trying to fit them into an offense. I'm trying to fit an offense around them. Yeah. Do it can be something just as simple, as we're going to be a little more risk. Taking this year. We're not going to be as risk averse, we're going to take three or four shots down field. Even even if you can't see that. The guy is definitely coming open year going to throw to a spot the receivers gonna run to this bought. And if we get an interception, thirty forty yards downfield. Okay. We'll take that because we're going to hit that once or twice a game and that's going to really give us that chunk play. So whereas it looked like Scotland Eoghan last year. You talk about that, you know, going deep that second game of the year against the giants when Daquan deep details on Austin and just broke the giants back. Yeah. Now, he would have brought the giants back had they continued to look deep but for the rest of the game they didn't look at going deep until late in the fourth quarter. Yeah. And that's, that's the way you take away from yourself. You're not. Supposed to go out there. Like, like Scott would like to do in say, well, let me just prove to them that I can do at once, and then I could get back to doing what I wanted to do. And those, you know, rather famous incident where they were set up and they were going to run the traditional Scotland hand everybody go to the sticks and hook back. Yeah. Order back so that they don't have to defend the rest of the field at all. And kuprin and dacotta looked at each other says, like we're not gonna do it. We're going on that we're going to do something in boom that, that Washington game on thanksgiving. When Cooper just had a party. Dak Prescott just connecting for a party. Yeah. But I would say to, to wrap a bow on this episode Rapa bow on the wide receivers. How can you not feel better about the wide receivers going into this year as where you were last year because the opportunities that this roster now has in the hands of Kellen Moore? That's something also to consider. But, you know then again, you're looking at just the players in general..

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