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On 15 should we have free community college in new jersey i see no what do you say his new jersey wonder what buoyed five first trip cillian blaze on both the eastern and western spurs going south down into the car and truck lanes split in newark that is because the truck lanes are closed on the southbound side all the traffic cars trucks buses every bit of it going south down in the car lanes and as a result not doing so great has you go south between fourteen and thirteen but it does get better south of exit thirty team so far no sign of any maintenance on the northbound side looking pretty good right over on the parkway to five alvarez made it's working of the atlantic city expressway while latest currently out of service 78 now much better as you travel west of the local and express lanes ashley on both sides in the park lane the turnpike seventy eight a much better ride for you to 87 derive much hours of stop and go on route one travel northbound sampler the parkway towards the area 35 in woodbridge across the hudson you're in good shape you're leaving and entering the gray garden state saying deal at the delaware river crossings traffic every fifteen minutes next reportedly 48 on new jersey one a one point five jersey want to one point five it's too weather jose is offshore cape cod him maria down to the south between the two of those systems we're going to have a liquor risk at the jersey shore for the foreseeable future otherwise weather looks pretty good back on land so like slow in the mid to upper 50s inland low to mid 60s at the shore with dry weather intervals of clouds and sunshine on friday highs in the upper 70s of the shore load of an '80s inland sunshine and warm saturday and sunday highs on saturday upper 70s mid '80s warmest locations and sunday sign a little bit 80s area why this is the first week in a fall ahead i'm meteorologist marktoberdorf 73 and lawrence seven the enacted stand 73 and as a traffic and weather every fifteen minutes on.

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