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A lot of what i share is common sense but we all know it's not always common practice and that's why so many relationships fall apart so simple. I double sided coin. We all know these two rules right. One is put the relationship i right. We all heard that before. And this is denise is. I'm going to combine to verse together at year. One is the relationship. I but the flipside coin is you must grow and be independent and be striving to be your best in and outside of the relationship. Otherwise if you're growing the relationship become stagnant and so it's interesting. That's that interdependence independence thing that makes all these relationships so dang hard right is because yes you wanna pour yourself and your partner and your spouse and support them and cheer them on and make decisions just for the relationship and we all have the individual spirit that wants to manifest in our own full potential. And how do we do those. Two things in union and alignment. We're talk a lot about that today. Our first teaching today. Let's jump it. Our first teaching today is that simple. Understanding there's two sides of a coin and relationship. There's relationship i and there is grow and reach your potential independently as well that interdependence independence you must recognize the push and the pull of that and be attentive to that at all times to have a great relationship. I would argue that. Almost ninety percent of conflicts in relationships are actually not about who cleaned the kitchen. It's not about the finances or this kid didn't do that in the household. No no what it usually tends to be is a push pull between interdependence and independence and the couples not understanding that duality and not mitigating for that. Duality and so one person's like relationship. I we should do everything together. We should be on the same page. It should be perfect together and relationships also means. Hey win you're making decisions about your life. Make it please. In the context that we have chosen to live life together. Who's ever had a relationship or the person was completely oblivious. This idea of make the relationship. I it was probably miserable for you. It was like this person doesn't prioritize. And i believe that one thing has really helped us mean denise and our relationship is honestly she defaults to that she is so good and bringing me back to that. It's all it's about us. We plan together. We have to have the journey together. Don't just do these things. Think about how does that impact us our life our family and she's really good at that and i believe that's what his taught me to be a better man. I hope in the relationship we've gotten more and more years into our relationship together. I think that that is really powerful. How do you put relationship. I you always make decisions within the context of realizing you're in a relationship together like obvious right and it doesn't mean you can't have independent decisions. It means those decisions still take place in understanding the fax and the consequences of your actions within the relationship. When we forget there's consequences of our actions within a relationship the relationship inevitably becomes something separate than us and when this relationship is separateness. Then he feel a separate did miss and the more your partner feels a separateness in the relationship the more that relationship struggles. This is why you hear people say make decisions together plan together. Know what you're both working on together. That's the idea of relationship. I it's all right. I have a life partner. That means i do life with my partner so when i plan things in my life i think about my partner. Hey it's brandon. 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And you can get it. It's back in stock at hp x. Wellness dot com. That's hp wellness dot com. You'll find optimize for your mental focus in energy there. You'll also find my favorite powdered energy drinks that we created this one hundred percent organic and vegan annual fine my essentials which is my daily multi. I take that covers might energy that covers my longevity that covers my immunity that covers my brain and body health that i absolutely love and you will feel the difference. Good h px wellness dot com right now hp x. wellness dot com. That's simple reminder. I know not all you need. But you've been relationships where that was not true and if you have been you know what i'm talking about that separateness you don't feel like you really know the person or you feel like they don't value your opinion you feel like they are living their own lives and they don't care about you or the effect on your family and so it's so important for us house. Remember oh right now. And when i think about relationships i was thinking about the coin i call it. The coin independence independence relationship. I got it and the opposite side. Which so many people naturally gravitate towards and no especially if they can be like this. Which is you must continue improving yourself and fulfilling yourself if that relationship is going to come into a true deep meaningful fulfilling relationship right if you're stagnant. Don't get mad that the relationship is stagnant if your partner is stagnant. meaning they're not growing. They're not stretching themselves they're not trying to learn about their mindset or they're effective energy on other people or to become more productive towards meaningful pursuits matter to them will then what happens. It's like you're growing extending but they are not who's ever been there. That's super hard now. The challenges you can't relationship. I is one side of that coin and growing is the other and you happen to be the person on that client. You're growing and you don't sense that they are because relationships are first you also cannot be bitter towards them hate them be jaded about it because there's probably been points of in your life where you weren't growing at your potential either.

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