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Chico. Just call me. Freddie. Can I have your autograph? Freddie Taylor shop on Chico was his name o c c c c c c. Oh, I see CEO John Chico is our name. Oh, remember all men are created equal. And then they get dressed experienced by John Chico's difference. Call us at two one nine seven six nine one seven four four. Hey, it's Jesse Rogers looking for a hot career with cool rewards hooked to h fac and get ready for a new career as an each fact technician in as little as forty two weeks with hands on training from coin college in Chicago coins been trained the Chicago trade since eighteen ninety nine the demand for each back. Technicians will increase sixteen percent by twenty twenty four ten day or evening classes in downtown Chicago and get the skills you need to get ahead. Stop by the State Street campus or visit coin college dot EDU today. I'm Melanie king manager of IT projects and national accounts for American Dairy Queen corporation, we needed a website to satisfy our home office needs and provide our franchisees with site for communication with the home office. It's difficult to find a company that works with both large and small businesses. Thankfully, we turn to American Eagle dot com after meeting with us. They determined our needs and the needs of our franchisees each one is small business. We now have an incredibly effective communication tool. We love it's mobile friendly and allows us to manage and communicate national promotions, menu info and a lot more immediate olive our business needs. Just remember when you get the urge for a blizzard or a fantastic burger stop by your local Dairy Queen. If you're looking for a results driven web solution that meets your needs. Whether you're a small medium sized business or an iconic brand lake Dairy Queen call American Eagle dot com. Call American Eagle dot com today at seven seven three network that seven seven three network and take your business to new heights. Hey Chauncey here from Cianci's great outdoors heard every Saturday morning from six to seven AM here on ESPN Chicago winter voyeur, we happy.

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