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Of their break they're they're both of their breakdowns and she accused she told him that you ate you know snuck into this family and you broke his one by one or whatever do we think that that's accurate as i hear it as that's a question for pretty damaged family to begin af for sure it's certainly plausible that someone infiltrated the family took advantage of some of their emotional mrs but i couldn't really figure out if we were supposed to feel like ultimately william is the devil is a villain in the scenario or if he is just like another failing emotionally stunted rich guy who doesn't pay attention to his family i think that from what we've seen young william jimmy simpsons character does seem to be sort of evil infiltrator in a lot of ways but it's clear they like ed harris in the outside world is just a broken person and that it is in so much as it's his fault what happened to his wife it's not because of maliciousness it's because he's lost his himself in this hapless endeavor and he's been absent yeah yeah for sure i mean it's all his fault i mean so it's a whole it's all about defining fault or whatever but but it's not you know i think he's he's he's gotten everything he wanted from his infiltration if that were true now it's just his lack of compassion that's that's the villain let me ask you both an important question this is related to the flashback do you think there's something ultimately morally reprehensible about what william does in westworld that then ultimately triggers juliet's decision do you think if you saw someone that you cared for deeply luoyang heinous things to robots but i think that was a confirmation of what he said which was like i was never yours i was always always belonged to westward that was the tragedy she's it's not i mean there's dolores and that's i mean but i.

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