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Of course we're going to do that of course you've got karma so he's he's not listed on the birthdays because he never mentioned a word birthday in his note yeah okay so seven time so what does he turns forty nine start my fiftieth tribute turns fifty oh okay well twelve which is guess what i'm gonna put her in that you don't have to guess but his today barron sir arthur go bits hugger of kitties fifty today okay so we saw the lot with that good meeting john thank you good meeting this is one of the rare meetings which agenda but there will be notes someone's going to follow marie summary a summary of the the board for approval after his cleared by the lawyers okay kevin kevin silverman in severn maryland and once you want to one another birthday boy got a lot of birthday we had no birthdays in the last show of and now we have zero nights entitles just birthdays this is the cyber strike guy IT am now just won't be too long the notation marks two years of listening to the best podcasts universal one year era of monthly donations i blew my nights status earlier this year but i'm too lazy to stop the twenty two twenty month layaway program excuse me wait a minute so i guess you'll mansion me twice today anyway thank you very continued analysis and witty banter he's got his birthday as my band cyber cyber strike also has a show that day in baltimore so if anyone likes good heavy metal look up the depot oh we have a big show near miami me beach on january fifth so please sense a music karma our way will put that at the end tanks no jingles sincerely don't get jingles as we mentioned sincerely assure silverside of the silver dolphins so as band his name cyber strike that sounds oddly familiar yet didn't he do the song for us the that that interesting song that the i can't remember the title but it was good it was a good hard metal eighty style metals.

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