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Because Mark Mother's buys in the news. Yeah. He sent you that Vanity Fair article Bill, the lead singer of Devo. Founder, lead singer of Devo Mark Mothersbaugh. Hey, got coated in May And nearly died. He he said he was at home and not feeling too well. And he took his temperature was 103. And he said nothing Well, wife said, Well, maybe you should go to the hospital, and he said, no, no, no, no, no. And then he said a nurse came over. The next morning. My temperature again and said You have to go to the I C u right now. This is how covert works for some people. You are fine one day and in the I C u the neck, he Hey, said. His wife and his daughters. He has two daughters. He has a daughter named Margaret and a daughter named Quickly H u i, I I, um Said that He thought he was probably going to die. He was in the I C U for, like, two weeks. So what? On a ventilator? What I think is interesting. I think a lot of people don't know this about being on a ventilator because you hear some people go. Well, you know, they put you on a ventilator for a while and then and then you get off in your fun No, usually come off the ventilator. Not only is there Often permanent organ damage. When you're on a ventilator, and you're on a ventilator, they put you in a coma. So you can, you know, deal with being on a ventilator and I I know people who have been on a ventilator for weeks. And you don't just go to sleep. You have these terrifying and Mark Mothersbaugh talks about this thes terrifying nightmares that never stop. Yeah. They're scary, and he so he had this nightmare that, uh, he was in the hospital because he was attacked. Like some somebody by a gang or something. Yeah, and he was and it was so vivid when he was coming off the ventilator. He he wanted to know if they caught the guys that attacked he. He absolutely believed this happened. And he also in a solution, Nation wrote and produced the New Devo album, and they were getting ready to tour with it. One of the other hallucinations He's back home with his family. And he says, if anybody's doubting whether the Corona virus and covert 19 Israel It really is really he said Israel he almost died and I just saw Uh, this just came across Twitter. And I know you guys don't know who this is. But Neymar. He's one of the most. Isn't he? The underworld Now you know the sea Savage sub Mariner. This is the soccer player. Oh, not sub Mariner. No, no. Katie knows who is. Ah, just tested positive. Now He's a dumb ass. Because he caught it because he Ah Ah ah! Defied his Ah soccer clubs. Instructions that said, you know, stay home and decided he wanted to go party in a visa like you, D'oh. Well, yeah, Listen, you've ever partied in a visa. It's worth giving up your life for my work. I have it. But, you know, healthy young people in good shape. Can't get Corona virus. I just want to tell you that they can't Get it. They're all kinds of athletes and young people. You're trying to control my life. Shut up, trying to control my life. You can't tell me what to do. Let me let me counter and my best. Adam West Batman. I'm trying to save your life Jump. Well, I didn't ask you to do it. Thank you for the Devoe, one of my favorite bands. I just quite enjoyed.

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