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First base belt will bat seven kelvin tomlinson a chance to play at shortstop here on this sunday afternoon he hits eighth and the starting pitcher for the giants it'd be his second major league start it is tyler beatty devi who showed the good and the not so good and his major league debut beatty was top to hit and grind it out for very tough innings but just did not have a lot of command hoping to put that piece together today and combine that with his natural stuff and i think the giants are optimistic that he will do so beady pitches today here in san diego against the padres meanwhile the pods are six and ten with their win last night they climbed out of last place in the national league west they've got jose perella in right field hitting leadoff freddie says the shortstop and the secondplace franci cordeiro in center field batting third and christian that vienna wave third baseman he'll hit cleanup carlos duarte at second base batting v the first basement is chase headley for a second straight game eric hosmer got back spasms so he is out of the starting lineup corey spanish and burgi and left field hitting seven the catcher for the padres is austin hedges he bats eight and the starting pitcher a guy with a fascinating story and a kid from the bay area who grew up watching both the a's and the giants it is a left hand or the rookie joey lucchessi who has a funky delivery not overwhelming stuff but from the left side has approved throughout his minor league and now young bigly career to be very tough to hit lucchessi off to an excellent start with the pods he'll start against his hometown team for the first time lucchessi against the giants here this afternoon a message sponsored by hanson bridget lawyers you'll like since nineteen fifty eight this copyrighted broadcast is presented by thirty.

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