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The cover of darkness and then carefully cover up their tracks. They bent indicted, and they could face the death penalty. If convicted four members of the Wagner family are now charged nearly three years after the execution of the road and family in pike county, George Billy Wagner, the third who's forty seven as well. He says why forty eight year old Angela Wagner and their two children Twenty-seven-year-old, George Wagner, the fourth and twenty six year old Edward Jake. Wagner are all facing eight counts of aggravated murder, each we believe the evidence will show suspect spent months planning the crimes they studied the victims habits and their route. Teams. They knew the layout of their homes. They knew where they slept. Then after executing each victim. We believe the evidence will further show that the suspects tampered with the evidence such as the victims phones and the surveillance cameras on their properties. Attorney general Mike dewine said this afternoon at the press conference that a custody battle, but for a young child did pay play a role in the murder is but he did not elaborate, Jake Wagner. And one of the victims do share custody of a small child that was spared the night of the shooting. And he also said today to other people have been arrested in the case attorney general says Rita nukem, and Fred Rico Wagner have also been arrested but facing charges of covering up the crime forty four people are dead today in California's raging wildfires forty two of the victims have been killed in the one hundred and seventeen thousand acre campfire that is now the deadliest wildfire burning in state history for your ABC, six first warning weather. We'll see partly cloudy skies tonight, a low dropping down to twenty four some sunshine tomorrow, but it will be cold with highs hovering around thirty six..

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