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25% capacity limit for indoor dining. Chicago based United Airlines is warning 14,000 employees they could face another round of furloughs. When federal aid runs out this April, the unions calling upon lawmakers in Washington to provide another $15 billion incentive aimed at encouraging united to keep those workers on the payroll through September. 30th. United and other airlines based historic losses during the pandemic Kids saying the U. S could soon receive a covert 19 vaccine. That's according to the top U. S infectious disease expert, Dr Anthony Fauci. Over the next couple of months we will be doing trials says that'll hopefully lead to kids being vaccinated by late spring early summer. Four members of a small community in northwestern Oklahoma, including to volunteer firefighters are being remembered there tonight In Wayne Oka. Those firefighters were killed in a house fire trying to get to two people inside a home. Two people who called 911 asking for rescue trapped by flames. All four were killed. A vigil was held there tonight. The Oklahoma State Fire Marshal's office is investigating back locally. A man shot by Joliet police has been identified as 29 year old poor Darryl Whitmore. He's hospitalized tonight in stable condition, recovering from three gunshot wounds. It happened Thursday outside his Juliet residents in the 1200 block of Nicholson. He's accused of pointing a gun at officers. Who were responding to a domestic disturbance call the shooting officer is a 21 year veteran of the department at remains under investigation. Some members of the High Ridge Y M. C. A. On Chicago's Far North side are expressing shock after learning it's closing members Mitchell Milner and Martha Meyer spoke with W G and it was a total shock. There was no no notification was right before Christmas. It's tragic. This is a vital and irreplaceable part of our community. Metropolitan y M. C. A of Chicago says it's due to the cove in 19 pandemic insights, declines in both membership and program enrollment as reasoning. There's now an effort underway by members to convert it to a community center. They tell WG and they've already found to investors. Chicago's Shedd Aquarium, reopened the members earlier today after a long closure during the pandemic, and Katherine Cori tells W G and she took part has been doing a fantastic job making sure that everybody knows where to go when we're to enter and exit way felt extremely safe during our whole ship reopens for general admission Tomorrow. WGN.

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