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With a loss and. It looks like, they will be two games out of first place by the time the night comes to an, end only one game still in progress in the Pacific coast league. And it is the Oklahoma, City dodgers taking on, our. Next opponent the renewed yours in Tacoma. Dodgers lead at three nothing in the top of the ninth inning they have only allowed two hits Kyle. Garlic, with his fifteen th Homer of, the year and, Oklahoma. City well on their way to another victory barring AJ coma rally if the results stand the sky SOX will. Be two games out behind the dodgers, in the, American northern division everything else has gone final in Nashville a, five two win for the sounds over the Fresno grizzlies in Omaha the storm chasers beat, the Las Vegas fifty ones by a score of seven to four but Scott Bornstein with his twenty third home run of, the year in defeat for the. Fifty one's Memphis redbirds fall six three to the visiting, Sacramento river Cats, Memphis stole, a league sixty eight and forty one on the year a, final in Des Moines the Iowa cubs win six nothing over the Salt Lake bees Iowa, tanks a perfect game into the eighth inning Salt Lake ends up with two hits but Alec mill six perfect no hit, frames he picks up the win A final in El Paso a four three win for the chihuahuas over, the New Orleans baby cakes and suspended due to rain in Albuquerque Josh SU Sean the voice. Of the Albuquerque isotopes said that they really need the rain but, unfortunately it comes at the expense of the, ball game that is a suspended. Game it, will be made up likely tomorrow, or on. Friday round rock led three nothing in the. First when the rain came that is it, for this look at the. Scoreboard when we come back. A look at the major league baseball scoreboard including, quite the thriller for our parent. Club the Milwaukee Brewers in Los Angeles he said watch full ru on. CBS sports radio me deadline, passes for letting Ambala dealers, as engine he's is running back, in the. League forum so screw in a desperate. He can't make him happy so see, you later flavor, the, raiders, or somebody and. They'll give it to you Because Steelers bay what, you're worth not what you want No..

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