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Will work the greatest ever is there i wanna talk to you i don't even care if it's just about baseball and you know what to this day he still remembers me and i and i'm oh i'm okay with that yeah he's incredible he's incredible that the way he carries with sand of all in last year with at denard span a couple of years ago and pick gone and this here like magnets maceachin and austin jackson why wouldn't you who i hope india and jimmy rallies oh yeah because he is so easy to talk to you you may think they're willie mays the greatest in in all that stuff and then you know you kinda get afraid to talk to him now that that that man's of beautiful man and the only thing he wants to do is tiger baseball and and you know really talk a lot of crap to you he did he loves they were that he loves give it back and forth an it's amazing iraq right you have it funny you you hit it right on the head exactly and he was doing there would say of all the other day in the saddle said i need a loan and you know that's all you gotta do say that to willie and the other willie started with him with all sand the walls money it was it was pretty funny at us david imagine what he said oh yeah honestly and there was really funny uh but you know he said you hit it right on the head gave you really did he's a baseball player yep and when he played the game and he knows the jackie robinson ear and things are going on willy never got involved on that level because he was a baseball player and that's the way he he viewed himself and that's the way he viewed things and they've jackie had some conflicts with willie over some of those kinds of things in the fifth these but he's the same way today he is he he he is a showman and he's a baseball player and it comes out completely and that's what he does when he's here now that's the beauty of absolutely.

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