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My special guest today is jeff sherman of double on capital where he serves as deputy chief investment officer uh the ceo of double line is jeffco's unlock who coincidentally was the very first broadcast guest on masters in business i'm jeff sherman a previous the double line worked is a senior vp at trust company of the west where he was a portfolio manager and quant analysts focused on fixed income and real acid portfolios he has a b s and applied mathematics from the university of pacific and a master's degree in financial engineering from clermont graduate university he is also cfa charter holder as well as a financial podcast her jeff sherman welcome to bloomberg thanks for having me barry so i have to start with the education applied mathematics and financial inge nearing did you know you wanted to go into asset management earlier in your life not at all not whatsoever really because that would suggest oh here's a path to wall street that's right and what happened is is a naturally i guess i was i was more inclined towards mathematics along the way i started off as she has a pure mathematician which is a a lot of abstract math and just trying to prove concepts a lotta logic really um and although it was okay to me just didn't really seem to have a longterm path obviously can be professor right i mean talking about ring theory group save mean erd faunal sleep now i love them okay good so let's talk deeper bath elkah everybody else will fall a solitary of civil will transition them but the idea was the applications of of mathematics it typically as applied to lots of physics rhyme in engineering concepts and i was always kind of curious by statistics and for some reason i liked the probably statistics courses a little more and so i'd actually changed my major of round the middle of my junior to become an applied mathematician but unlike the traditional folks i didn't use the engineering in physics physics as the application actually use it stats improbability so if forgot to really apply for jobs i was going through my four god yeah will you know you kind of get stuck in that academic lifestyle uh and so decide take the jerry's and just try to.

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