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High heart dot com slash small business today that's I. R. dot com slash small business this report is sponsored by text chat by E. Y. get your taxes prepared and filed fast lots of sunshine today and a bit warmer in the high eighty three degrees down to fifty six tonight tomorrow's high eighty nine on fox thirty one pinpoint weather meteorologist Brooks garner we'll answer your questions and do your taxes fast for you right from your phone or computer and without paper documents or complicated tax software tax track by you why get a free no obligation quote at tax time chat download the white text chat app or call one eight three three tax chat I love I love nachos loaded everything you might be buzz you know what I'd love a ride when it's time to head out if you see a buzz warning sign call for a ride when it's time to go home buzzed driving is drunk driving a message from NHTSA and the ad council hi Tom Martino your troubleshooter three oh three seven one three talk seven one three two five what would you do if you send somebody money on Benbow like forty five hundred dollars mark and and he got the money or she got the money let's say here she and they did with Troy it's in their bank now the money's in their bank and it was never taken out of your account and it's been ten days would you call Ben moe and say Hey you neglected to take forty five hundred dollars out of my account I want to know what I would do you would I think it would catch up no I think it'll catch up with you if you do it and then they do something then all of a sudden you're double date so you would just let.

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