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Yup on the on. I'm prem the university is teaching. It's an online course. Teaching people in business so people who have a job on how to start a parallel business while they test it out and then move and tests the concept and all that so. It's it's more of an online platform there that's excellent. I'm really excited about these new businesses that you have and i'm really excited about the prophet recipe. I know you've been doing this since at least before i met you In so tell me who is this. Four what is the ideal business in. What is their stage right now. What type of challenges are they experiencing that you are solving for them in what. What is the ultimate outcome of working with you in the profit recipe got it. Yeah so the prophet recipe. We're looking for entrepreneurs who are who feel stuck in some way it could be stuck on. I just sold my business. Not sure what. I wanna do one. What's next. I don't know what's what's next in life. I don't know what i want to be when i grow up. Or they're growing their business but there it's taking too much from them like i don't people aren't doing what they're supposed to be doing. I'd have no clarity and visibility in my company. There's no like we all operate in silos and it's always laid feels like we're always putting out fires and we're not the firefighters were just putting out fires and we're not the fire station looking above the trees and you know kind of making sure so if you're feeling that you're overwhelm of you know there's no there's no true accountability rhythms meetings. You know what's what's going on. That's that's that's kind of our sweet spot. And then also you know people who want to have a community of of entrepreneurs who or leaders because it could be a leader with an entrepreneur leader within a company on i. I want to move the company forward. But i'm not sure how and i don't i want to have a voice. I want to bring health and team you know. And how do we create a conflict. You know pat patrick lynch yoni kind of concepts on how do we create functionality. And a team..

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