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Your voice your vote Joe Biden riding a wave of momentum the super Tuesday that started last weekend in South Carolina ABC news projecting the former vice president will win democratic primaries in Minnesota Arkansas Oklahoma Tennessee Alabama North Carolina and Virginia A. B. C.'s Karen Travers on the Biden come back late breaking deciders who seem to be going for Joe Biden this surge that he's had could not come at a better time for him he was all but declared dead after the first couple of states and then he comes to life in South Carolina now we'll see how far that continues but right now the exit polls certainly are showing that Joe Biden is really doing well among the voters who say that they want to beat trump and that's a lot of democratic voters right now is beating out ideology party Sanders is projected to win primaries in Utah Colorado and Vermont Mike Bloomberg wins the democratic caucus in American Samoa exposed to closer in California with continuing coverage of super Tuesday Terry Alden or ABC news and in California some voters had to wait two hours in line to vote because of technical glitches connecting to the state database and the sheer volume of voters it is the biggest state Los Angeles county says the problem has been resolved election officials even added more voting devices in local news we have two cases of coronavirus in Maricopa county the latest case involves a twenty year old man still needs to be inspected by the CDC and state health director cara Chris says he's expected to make a full recovery our state public health lab has the capacity to test up to four hundred and fifty samples per day and we do not anticipate any shortages in test kits for our state public health lab to test for this disease the man may have contracted covert nineteen from someone who travel to an affected area so far there are six pending tests for covert nineteen in Arizona he pretended to be a licensed and trained practitioner and holistic homeopathic a massage therapy now sixty two year old Gary Wayne Nash is under arrest Maricopa county sheriff Paul Penzone says Nash sexually a salted five women out of fountain hills practice he would run them as he gain trust he would continue to become a little bit more aggressive business practices Penzone says Nash even had referrals from other professionals deputies are looking for other potential victims even outside of Arizona if you have any information call sheriff's deputies and Phoenix police of activated a silver alert for an aspirin she's sixty five years old last seen on Tuesday believed to be on foot near eighteenth street Van Buren street for a full description go to KTAR dot com and now let's take a look at your traffic this evening on super Tuesday here's George Thomas live in the valley Chevy dealers traffic center thanks Peter we have some repaving projects going on overnight they're gonna cause some closures for you at two OO to east Baylor Corinne on and off ramps will be closed into the wee hours of the morning and the same way with the two oh two east bound at the loop for a while also expects some closures ten east bell of the two or two and westbound at the two or two for this repaving I'm George Thomas this traffic report is.

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