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And I want him to win even though it seems like a very difficult path at this point. But if it's not going to happen this way, I would love it to be, you know, five women at the end, it's like the reverse Micronesia where they unintentionally become. So that's what's going on. Again. There's there's not a whole lot to update here apart from just the fact that Tom won this HR wage, we're going to get more of an idea of what he's planning today. I'm sure and I will be back tomorrow morning at eleven am eastern to update you on everything. But Thomas planning and everything else that happens. I can't wait a little bit of dancing late night. Tom green got a tribe called quest as his music, and he's like dancing with the key. And like he like rocked a couple lines new tribe called quest. And so leads to we've got another like at least we get Tom with the longer h rain. So we got you know, like a little bit more Rolette. Will he wasn't relaxed the last time, but I think this one will be a little bit better. I am feeling optimistic about this HOA waste for Tom. Yeah. I if anyone is going to be h wage for the V long period of five days, or whatever it is. I'm happy. It's Tom the last time. It was Tom. He gave us some good feed. So hopefully, hopefully, we're good, it seems like, you know, it seems like the Natalie Ricky Lolo group here, they are not they're not doing the like death sleep sort of thing. They're doing like, we're super pissed or we're going to be bitter about it than which is usually a little. More fun than the death sleep. So that's good. So yeah, I I think I think we're hopefully in for a good week. You're hopefully, it's not too straightforward. Either way. I think just the fact that we're seeing a little bit of a power shift is is something here. So. Is there's hope for the season yet. We ought to take what we can get at this point. You know, I it's last time last week. You were saying that no we were in for the steamroll, and we were just saying, well, at least we get a Tom green h to make it fun. And look at what happened in how weak a lot. And the, you know things shifted in that there is still part of the core that you we worry about steamrolling, but Tom becomes the underdog and wins HOA. And so now, we don't have to worry about quite the same steamroll. So let me just just explain to everyone. How bad this how how much Tom has saved us this season. Because if Tom doesn't flip on that alliance. They bet alliance has basically one all of the competitions this far. I saw somebody. I wish I could credit them on Reddit who talked about this like probably what would have happened in that previous h h the tame are one is that if they hadn't been intentionally trying to get Kato and Tom out of the competition, if they had been working the other way trying to get taymor and candy and Dina out of the competition. Then Hato probably one that. And so it would have been Kato Tom Kato with low low winning vetoes, and Tom Cato winning the vetoes, and they would have just just trampled over everyone. And again, Tom winning this H wage. So it's like would have been it would have been just such a steamroll. It really would have been they would've just stopped all the way to the end. But Tom was like no not today. Butterfly effect. Yeah. We'll never know though. It's okay. I'm happy with this timeline. It's perfect. I mean, it's it's been entertaining. I I hope that if this week is going to be, you know, entertaining that it's not necessarily the same kind of entertaining as as the the last one. But I wanna see I wanna see them scramble a little bit as long as long as Alison Gardner doesn't need to told you stop being like callous towards each other. And it's more. So just like them all being pissed off..

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