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I flow what do we know about bixby voice now the both you and i have a big spee uh oh ivc there we john can you tell me about yourself nothing apparently nope forward for me then why bixby what can you tell me about yourself dueling fix the it's oh two to are and i love like i really don't wanna talk of our william banjo music during julian dicks all right let's let's let's okay so first of all let's do a quick quick intro here because and and and they're maher xp voice as you may or may not know is the virtual urged the assistance that we were supposed to get with the galaxy s eight it's the whole reason that this button exists on the side of the chassis right here and i can tell you that after hanging out with it for a couple of days i finally see why samsung didn't wanna like just come out of the gate with this thing half baked boiler if it's here during the beta theta so don't get your hopes up too much just yet oslo forgive it it's still naronha beta so we have our own it's like we have a beta bixby tamagotchi so we're gonna take care of ours for while see how they grow how much me to clean up after them to the leading so it by the way she's been she heard me speak and i i know i keep gender raising bixby and i apologise should also voicing to me well she's not just a woman in the koreanversion because if you switch to the south korean you've got male and female voices to choose from all and they're both very soft and lovely um and so by the way bixby does this allott where uh you'll see right now it is listening to everything i just said.

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