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I saw the game. If i had a hole or something that was not up to snuff at a very high level i wanted. I had some work to do and i was willing to go out and put time in <hes> to get that right to be at to improve. That's what it's all about and it'd be multifaceted. It was pretty instance. It's with kafelnikov when when you when you met him i mean how well did he know him. The reason i ask i mean you talk about that. When my sort of <hes> initiation into the tennis tour and i happen to be coming along a pasty waste a pasty white kind of british land straight university trying the deal with marcelo rios and you've kafelnikov who i think to this day two of the most difficult characters i've ever dealt with in the tennis world. What what was he like yet and i basically had very common grounds. <hes> we come from two different parts of the planet <hes> two different cultures he came from nothing that he came from outside a little town and so <hes> i just did the hall of fame with him and i hadn't seen him in four for years and we spent three and a half days together and it was it was great but we reminisced a lot from the first time we met to how he viewed things yet you evy was a a very straightforward cat and and and you know my speech kinda got caught in a cut off and i had to cut off a few pages of the thing because you know it kinda around a little bit long with all mary pearson voluntary but i i one thing i did say. He didn't like the media very much. He didn't like social media. He didn't like to to his own horn. He wanted his record to stand on its own. He said we used to talk about a lot. I say parts. Why do you have to be he means partner. We used to call each of that. So why so difficult with the press he goes. I want my record to stand on its own larry. I don't wanna talk about my record. I don't wanna talk. Let let them talk about what they just saw okay. I you know i've been i'm going to win. You know some majors. I ended up winning. The gold medal got the number one won the davis cup. Did all these things is one you know twenty six tournaments twenty seven doubles the last guy to win singles and doubles you know in in in in ninety six and and you know i want want that to stand on its own and so for me david i really respect that viewpoint and that's why guys like yourself in the media he really. He didn't have any common ground round at all. <hes> i come from more. You know a football background. You know the athletic you know preparation in the comp- the competition is what i wanted to stand and his results so he was not difficult at all. You have to knock he spoke english as i was very very good <hes> obviously but he's coming from russia so it is is is not as good now after seeing him in newport but you know we we had a lot of similarities on how to go about being a great player and sustaining that level of play day in weekend and week out an i.

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