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They can match my grocery store purchases to my Twitter account because I gave both these companies my email address and phone number, and I agreed all the data sharing when I accepted the terms of service and the privacy policy. Here's where it gets truly nuts, though, if my phone is regularly in the same GPS location is another phone. They take note of that they start reconstructing the Web of people. I'm in regular contact with the advertisers, cross referenced by interests and browsing history and purchase history. To those around me. It starts showing me different ads based on the people around me. Friends, family school workers. It will serve me abs for things I don't want, but it knows someone I'm in regular contact with might want them to subliminally. Get me to start a conversation about I don't know Toothpaste. It never needed to listen to me for this. It just compared aggregate metadata. The other thing is this is just the opening tons of people report on this. It's just nobody cares. We decided our privacy just isn't worth it. It's a losing battle. We've given up too many of ourselves already. The New York Times studied this. Here's a quote we spotted a senior official of the Department of Defense, Walking through the women's March. His wife. Was also at the march that day, something we discovered after tracking him to his home in Virginia. So they know my mom's toothpaste. They know I was at my mom's. They know my Twitter account they now I get Twitter ads for my mom's toothpaste. Your data isn't just about you. It's about how it can be used against every person you know. And people you don't know to shape behavior unconsciously. Apple's latest updates, Let you block app tracking and Facebook's mad about it. Facebook is begging you to press accept and go back to business as usual block all of these apps ads. It's not just about you, your data reshapes the Internet. The Internet is never going to be the wacky place. It was when we have live journal and people were sharing minor gifts. Big business has come to suck the joy out of it and make it so make it hard for them. They're tracking everything you do. Everyone you come into contact with and following you around grocery store to grocery store to gas station to airplane. They've compiled all the data, your privacy should be yours. One of the benefits of it. Honestly, if I'm honest about it is now the advertising can get you. And you can find small businesses you would have never heard of and get really cool things. The offside is They also know when you're in the bathroom, sitting there for a while, and you're gonna start seeing toilet paper ads well connected and well respected. It's Erick Erickson live every weekday. This is a traffic red alert from 95.5. W SB 11 21 Cool ray Carrier WSB 24 hour Traffic center, A red alert on Georgia 400 north Beyond at Northridge. Exit six. All lanes are blocked. Georgia 400 North founded Northridge Exit six Serious crash investigation is underway. We've got word that a pedestrian has been hit. That's not confirmed, but all lanes again are blocked. And they do have an investigation underway so you might use Highway nine to get around this again. No traffic Getting by Georgia harder. Dortmund Northridge Jackie Lee 95.5 WSB. AM consumer investigator Dale Cardwell..

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