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Car chase is sentenced to ten to twelve years in prison the guilty of Manchester pleading guilty on Friday police say that Lee carjacked the vehicle after crash last year in New Hampshire police pursuit in through for Monty to Massachusetts police say that's when he stabbed a trooper before another officer shot him lay in the troop were hospitalized lays during questioning his client's mental health. five thirty three on WBZ time for traffic and weather together let's begin with the super retailers are going to let all wheel drive traffic all the three keys David what do you say you've seen big delays still out west Mike for ninety five south on your right stand still over three and a half miles down to an earlier multi vehicle crash blocking the two right lanes that's before to ninety in Bolton mass pike westbound slow to Auburn after two ninety eastbound side of the bike jammed up overnight miles from warrant in paths of John service plaza further east bound hit the brakes again at Newton corner eighty four east bound back about a mile and a half getting up to the pike going up north a print of one twenty eight south bound slow Endicott street in Danvers down to local street in people you hit the and then you'll hit some spotty delays from route one right down to the cloverleaf round one twenty eight north bound slow ninety three to route twenty eight in reading route one south bound now gets old pine street down past the jug handle routes three ninety three ninety five are all looking good they'd strongly WBZ's traffic on the thirty is traffic and weather together we check the four day WBZ accu weather forecast right now clear to partly cloudy tonight temperatures will dip into the mid fifties sunny and pleasant.

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