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So when we were watching that scene, and then I think it was pretty close to after that because this was very much the end like those Maharidge lollies biggest seeing got way, right? Like so watching that like what two days after the Oscars? I got why. And then Edward Norton as I meant to multiple people texted me on Oscar night being like insane that next year Maher change going to win an Oscar for? Time. But like on a Herschel always death scene in his movie is one of the funniest things I've seen in higher line. Yes. So the premise of Edward Norton character is that he can just sort of beam into anyone else's body and like take him over and talk to other people through them. So he does that some Herschel and alita stabs Mahershala. And then we're Herschel is body starts dying and like falling but his face remains, normal speaking, it's the strangest disconnect I've ever seen in my life. There was something has to Oskar going to be three. Something he said that. I remember. It was really funny. Oh that looks fatal. While he just has it normal phase. He he's staggering down. Yeah. Just Just let let me go. me good accords. Yes. Superstar though, because he was I felt like Harley in the movie more towards the end. But then also the Edward Norton reveal obviously like, yeah. Kind of knew by then that it was ever nor. But like that's when he takes it so Heine sunglasses, and that has a completely different face, these huge names in these really weird been marts. I mean, I guess fittings Cameron Robert Rodriguez have that cash to sell them on in or. Yeah, they spent a lot of money on this movie. Yeah. Let's be on. If I were an actor and somebody promised me a lot of money. And I'm being in five seconds of. Oh, yeah. True. Yes. Jennifer Connelly series. She didn't wanna be there. Like the entire time. She was just like barely acting. Yeah. I think she's the one where I was the most like. Yeah. Yeah. Like, why is she here? Why is she here? Yeah. We don't have the answer to that question. Joe sending police. While you were there. I did think Christoph waltz was good. Yeah. It's like genuinely good at like the other two time Oscar winner. I mean, I think relative to good good is the scale. We're only we're good at using good only in the elitist gale. On the rest of the universe. Alita like genuinely being good is at the action is so well shot like the last x insert whatever large number you want marvel movies that I've seen? I haven't been able to distinguish a single frigging thing in any of the action scenes is just see GR Gorbach yet like this one the partially because the moldable, of course, is like very pristine, and there's nothing really else going on it. You can tell exactly what's going on in every single scene. The motion is terrific proper GECAS. Did a good job. I think that is fair..

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