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It doesn't have to be a physical product anything that people buy but the basic premise is that If I mention it and I linked to it people go through the link And then if they decide to to buy it then I'll get paid and I can assume that this this isn't been around since the beginning of of blogs. Is this kind of a new thing that has evolved over time At something I only discovered in I guess the last couple of years. I think it's been around for a bit before that but it's fairly new because I think prior to this there really wasn't any way to track people clicking on the links so it would have been impossible in the early days of blogging. Do even know who had come from. Which website right right and is this is this one of the I mean. We talked about a little bit before. But how else has blogging kind of changed over time? You know you've been in it for for about a decade now or maybe longer since you were doing that With your work previously this affiliate marketing is one of the ways that blogging his change. But what are some other things that have changed over over time and in I mean certainly grown allots and I see people come and go I think the key to success in blogging or really anything. Just keep at it. A lot of people might give up after a year or two but when he stayed with it long enough then you start to see success We talked a little bit before about different tools. That are now available to help logging. That weren't there in the beginning as one of them. I just mentioned is affiliate tracking links. So the way that an affiliate works on my blog for example as I might recommend A bag if someone click on a link to that bag and then buys it. I'll get a commission to that. That's because the link is actually tracking the person from my sight to the online store where they purchase it and I think ten years ago people sometimes would have just asked for a reader to say where they found the product Grayson more labor intensive back in the day. Yeah exactly and then somebody at the other end. I guess would have sat around with a spreadsheet calculating how many people came from each blog each month and then doling out the payments. But now everything's just completely automated so I get the link. I put it on my site and everything happens for Mare. Even the payment is automatic. Right right so it seems like there's a lot of Es in the process or how the how the processes set up but the value to both you and your readers might be might be greatly increased because of this. Yeah exactly I think just making something like that becoming so much easier means that I can invest my time in researching products right very interesting and there are there are other things that that that have enabled blogging to involve overtime. Yes other tools. That help may automate. Tasks are different. Wordpress plugin wordpress as my blogging platform. And I used various different free and paid plug. Ins that work with one that I find really helpful compresses images to make them smaller so that they fit on my site and I used to have to do that by hand. Resizing images and that can be quite labor intensive because a blog post is very visual and I usually feature ten twenty thirty images in a single post and yet few years ago I would have spent an hour or more just resizing images to put them in a post and now I can just do that all with plug in and happens automatically and I can spend more time writing a post. That's been really really helpful. And then the other one of the other things we talked about before was the advent of social media scheduling so previously. You had to go to twitter or to facebook and post everything manually and now there's a ton of scheduling tools. I use one and it just allows me to post things to twitter and facebook and I can do all of my social media in our week instead of several hours a week. Yeah I could imagine that also Using social media as one of the large ways that you actually bring attention and then potential customers our readers to to your blog so having something that reduces the amount of time or increases. The efficiency of actually bringing people into your blog is Is Very helpful as well. Yeah I mean one of the really cool things about the scheduling tools. That are also often recommend specific times of day when you're followers tend to be more active. So they even if it's the middle of the night and you're asleep you can put out a post a tweet at that time so that they'll see it so it's really really helpful for engaging with your follower raiders. That's that's actually really interesting. So it's not you choosing the specific time. Assume that you can do that as well. But it's it's some sort of algorithm that is tracking the readers on your website noticing the peak times. And then suggesting to you at what time you should be tweeting or putting a post on facebook or ever that would then attract people to your to your website. Even more I think I think it's actually tracking them with in the social media platform so tracking when they're active on twitter facebook. But you do have the option of scheduling at your preferred time or you can use this algorithm. And it'll tell you when when they're more active and they're more likely to engage in and. Click on your post which is ultimately what you want. You want them to come to your blog and read what you've written and did you notice any changes or increases. Once you started using. That suggested time yes. I don't always use it so sometimes I do choose my own time and just because I it. It doesn't recommend it every day and sometimes I don't know and I choose my time but I can see the difference between when used algorithm and when I just choose a Stanley random time. That's that's really interesting. I think this is. This is one of the main trends or themes that we see within kind of the automation world. That artificial intelligence with these kind of lower level algorithms are becoming tools to suggest to US things that we wouldn't necessarily know. I think this is a a really good example to to showcase that I wanted to maybe change topics a little bit here. So you know as we're kind of living in a covert nineteen era right now I wanted to maybe get your thoughts a little bit as to. How blogging has been changed in this in this crisis. State that we're all experiencing So I'm a member of a lot of blogging groups where there's some fulltime bloggers and there are some people who have ninety five jobs and run a blog on the side and love. People have lost work in the last couple of weeks or months and then other people had their hours reduced. So it's been a difficult time but also a time that's an opportunity so quite a few of them are really excited because they wanted to have more time to work on their blog and now they have it. So I'm seeing I'm seeing. People take an opportunity to just have focused period at home where they can work on their blog. And I've seen people shifting their focus a bit which is something I've been doing. Actually I was focusing more on travel and obviously that doesn't make any sense right now so yes. I've been shifting focus. I write about other things. Luckily I've seen an increase in some of the other topics on my side like online cooking classes or meal. Kits that you can get delivered to your door right right. Very interesting Yes was both the both the number of people that are maybe getting into blogging. But as as the The Times are changing the content does as well I see The Times winding down here. A little bit One of the last questions that I really wanted to ask you was this idea of Blogging or kind of online businesses versus traditional work so We've talked before in the past that no the nine to five job has always been seen as kind of the the safe bet or the the steady option How do you see that in comparison to now blogging yourself and being Being an entrepreneur in that sense I think it's a really common misconception. One that I've had from many family members over the years they don't some of them don't really understand. What do you do are often quite worried about it? Being unstable or not safe thinks of the words that you hear but I just I think it's the thought to misconception because people think that nine to five job with a steady paycheck is stable. Because you get the same amount coming.

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