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And our buyer rhythms and we're like tidal being sitter forgotten that were water so did it blocks out your feelings are how you feel and then we have this peculiar neck tune strangeness astrologically which is like the opioid addiction revelation and speaking of neptune for the city of charlottesville we have neptune at twenty six degrees of leo so the eclipse is hitting that right now that tunis in the fifth health of park and educational institution so we had the event at our university where there was the torch parade that was very threatening and then the chaos and disorder and the deaths that took place in the park so the play pointed to us accurately here in this horoscope and the equipped falling on neptune tells us that it was deceptive forces forces of dissolution indicate that entered into the picture and this whole business of free speech was third just a cover for what was intended and that was to create chaos because this is one of the more progressive cities in the country and this is the place where it would hurt the vote as i'm sure that was healthcarerelated yeah and and and i i'm so grateful for your being an eyewitness there for us in this moment on the old days when i was a daily broadcaster and cell phones came online oh my god did it changed my life and being able to cover things because real live witnesses not tv page shells were abel to report what was happening and the notion you know the free speech was behind this as you point out is ridiculous because it had little to do with free speech and everything to do with agitation and violence and we know who precipitated it and why but this neptune thing interests me because it's enough neptune in place is that where we are where we are now right so neptune in pisces can either make us unconscious and unaware of what we're feeling because pisces it's the water in lake our feet or can also bring out as you pointed out that an opportunity of seeing and and spirituality developing and kind of coming into knowing of our of our inner purpose and and.

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