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This lack of warming is not surprising to people who are truly scientific and study this stuff. But this is this the American people here I have for you hear a sound bite from co-host beyond Gola league. On CBS this morning. She's talking and WCBS eyeball to chief weathercast Lonnie Quinn about Trump's tweet that talked about the cold temperatures in the mid west at tweet that I pointed out yesterday that was great Trump basically asked for climate change global warming to make a fast return because of how cold it is out there. So these doom coughs here are discussing lifetime record called in the upper northeast. That's really frustrating. Reading a tweet like that from the president of the United States because this really is the definition of global warming climate change. Right. It is freezing here in a scorching hot in Australia. You cannot negate global warming because of this event right now NASA plotted every single year, they plotted the average temperatures. Okay, we've grabbing for you right there. And by going from all the data from eighteen eighty four today is that line going up to earth getting warmer or is it going down getting colder? It's hard. See here's this is this points up a huge problem. This is Lonnie Quinn. He's chief weather caster. Whatever that is at WCBS TV eyeball to news in New York. And he doesn't know that NASA has been called out for cooking the books on temperature data, and you may not ever even though I've told you NASA has been caught red handed cooking the temperature books and showing warming didn't happen since eighteen eighty four. I doubt that anything. Lonnie quinn. Reads will have reported that I doubt that any TV that Lonnie Quinn watches will ever have reported that. But a lot of scientists have pointed out. We've we've that Email record we had from East Anglia university in the UK where they admitted to doctoring the heat record. And hoping that they didn't get these e mails released by somebody at East Anglia who was aghast at what was being done to science. So you just heard her say this cold is exactly what global warming is. Isn't it Lonny? Hey, right. Record-breaking lifetime cold rubes.

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