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So we all know the story of how Kevin Durant's career at the warriors came to an end to the way in Durant Greco's down holding his leg. He goes up and down the other end and durant grabbing right leg breaking news on. Cbs sports aid skew. It has been confirmed by Kevin. Durant himself a ruptured Achilles. Tendon has already undergone surgery. How do you think all of that? Impacted his legacy with Golden State and with the team's fans. I think it made the relationship with the fans a little bit better than it would have been otherwise because not only did he win championships for them. He put his body on the line and he suffered. He suffered trying to win something for them. And so that softens the blow of this acrimonious break up and I don't think he's thank the fans are he didn't win. He laughed and has done some things that might have resulted in a bit of a backlash. But it's hard to have that backlash if a guy ruptured his Achilles tendon. Coming back. Maybe too soon to try to get you your feel-good and try to get you that championship. So in a way in that moment I think it was the conservation of his Faustian bargain where he became beloved by the warriors fans but it cost him dearly looking forward to whenever the NBA does resume. Kevin Durant is of course now in Brooklyn and paired up with Kyrie Irving And those are two guys with very strong personalities who both like to be the top dog on their team knowing as much as you do about Kevin Durant. How do you anticipate that relationship and that team working out? Since so many people think it's going to go horribly a most wondering. Is this a situation? Where because we're so unanimous in predicting disaster? It's actually going to work out. Well I don't know all tend to go the conventional wisdom. It seems quite precarious. It seems precarious to combine those two in that situation with an organization that I'm sure is competent. I'm sure there are people within who do a good job at not exactly. Salt Lake Yovany Pat Riley type people running things and that organization. It's not like you have a track record of established glory were. You can tell somebody that you gotta fall in line For the sake of the Brooklyn Nets it seems like a shell That the two of them are running and they're both vol's hold their own ways and they're prone to Moody nist and you wonder about their surrounding talent. And so I guess I would say it's precarious and the smart money would be on it and dean not so happily and lastly Ethan. What will it take for? Kevin Durant to be satisfied Well I think initially the ultimate validation from everybody in the culture that he's the best player on the planet at least would temporarily do that but other than that. I mean. That's that's beyond my pay grade. That's not something I could figure out As to what happens after that moment ads. Well even thanks so much for coming on the show. It's my pleasure. Thanks ravening you can follow Ethan. Strauss's coverage of the Golden State Warriors at the Athletic Dot Com and. His new book is called the Victory Machine. Here are some other stories. We're following the lead after drafting Joe Borough with a number one overall pick last week. The bengals officially put an end to the Andy Dalton era in Cincinnati. He has been released by the bengals which it's not a surprise. Not a shock at all. Joe Borough is their guy. The bengals avoid seventeen million dollars in cash obligation to Dalton. And he's on the market now. He's available the red rifle has been since he's starting quarterback since he entered the NFL in twenty eleven and bengals owner. Mike Brown issued a statement saying quote. Andy will always hold a special place with the franchise and I know that he hold a special place in my heart. Paul Dana Junior of the athletic writes that the thirty two year old Dalton could land with the Jaguars or possibly become the backup to Tom. Brady in Tampa Bay while Dalton coming. Brady's replacement in New England put seems more unlikely also on Tuesday Little League president and CEO. Steve Keener made an unprecedented but not totally surprising announcement. We are formerly announcing that. We are canceling a little league. Baseball World Series in Williamsport Pennsylvania. Effective today the Little League world series made its debut in nineteen forty seven and this marks the first time that it has ever been cancelled. The tournament is expected to return twenty twenty one and after the announcement earlier this week that the Coca Cola six hundred will run on Memorial Day weekend without fans. Nascar released an updated scheduled for May that feature seven races and eleven days. Eric Merola of Stewart. Haas racing shared his reaction to the news on twitter yes. I'm so psyched. We're going back race and I cannot wait to get back in my race. Car May Seventeenth Darlington. Make sure you tune in. That's for today. Thanks for listening. Everyone her show is produced by Caitlyn. Plummer Chris Colin and Chris Siegel editing and production by senior producers Lea Hernandez and maths drought fact checking and writing by Ian Hurley. Sound Design and mixing by Weidong Lynn. Aaron May and Joe Richardson our theme song produced by Lindsey. Graham executive producer of the lead is me Kelco compete. The Davidson is our editorial director. Lead is executive produced by Lea Hernandez Marshal Louis and Aaron Lopez from wondering and the athletic. I'm under skelter. I'm to beat the Davidson..

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