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So i so there will want to say the three best pieces of advice you can share with an aspiring entrepreneur business on no one is i would say fall your passion you know i i would say that you know all three my start of size start from scratch in a what have you and move forward search from a good play started from and the desire of of passion and i feel as if i didn't how the passion issuing a probably one of how the perseverance in the wherewithal to see it all the way through because quite honestly in what profar marin in their two points were i was very close to you know shutting the door running out of money or two getting the technology to work and so i feel that that my passion is what really turn me through even through the darkest hours so it's are so important so so important and the other sets the second one is i would say acquire advisors or mentors that are experts in your field as quickly as possible on every company that i've started was in a space that i was completely unfamiliar with and again following your passion sometimes when you fall your passion you may not be next premia not have a skill sets he may not have the resources to be successful not space but you'd be very surprise in terms of one to acquire the right experts advisors a mentors they can hope open up the words for you they can help educate shoe they can help guide you along to make the right decisions reduce the risk and the exposure and so that's made a world of the difference for me and lastly third i would say stay focused right that's really key i i see so many start and founders as he was they want to build you know in the entire solution and one go for one dano you wanna look at what is the minimal viable product built small and then scale once you get that part to market fit but make sure that there's out did not traction nationally before you start turning the switch on alright austin advice welcome back in top mileage out _c_m about some of the biggest obstacle season based and how he managed to seal the army's bite all of them this is gather while power by now is that by did my gets.

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